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When two families Meet (tips&Stories please!)

So my boyfriend and I have been together for over a year and we've recently just started talking about getting married. We're moving in together after he finishes college next spring. I am wondering when is the best time for our families to meet? After we move in together, before we move in together, after we get engaged? I'm going to talk to him about it tomorrow, but I'd like to hear what you have to say on it as well. Our families live about an hour and a half from each other so I was thinking about going halfway and meeting at a neutral place (my parents are very judgmental). Any tips, advice, or stories? I really appreciate it!

Re: When two families Meet (tips&Stories please!)

  • If you guys are serious now, why wait?  I say go for it.  As far as advice goes... they're all adults, they should be able to meet, be on their best behavior, etc... If you're really concerned about your folks, talk to them ahead of time, ask

  • My ILs live halfway across the country, so the families didn't meet till a few days before our wedding. 

    I think a neutral place is fine.

  • This might be too late and you might have already talked to your boyfriend, but here goes.

    Unless you're super-young and your families will be around both of you lots, I would just wait. I mean, your parents don't have to become friends, and it s

  • Our families met at our wedding rehearsal the day before my wedding. 
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    My ILs met my parents (and most of my siblings) a few months before H and I got engaged. It worked out that way because my ILs live OOS and happened to be in our state on other business just by chance so it worked out. That also happened to be the first t
  • Our parents didn't meet until we were engaged.  We'd been living together for almost 4 years at that point.  Since then, they met at the wedding, my baby shower, and my son's birth.    That's it in 12 years.  Don't worry a

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  • Do it however it seems natural. Our families met I think while we were dating. We were only engaged 4 mo after dating 2 long years! 

    Also rethink the living together. Never a good idea. If you want to get married, start some premarital couns

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  • Do whatever seem natural..our parents met after we were dating for 6 months.. we had his parents over my house and then took them out for a nice dinner including my brother and his sister! From then on it became natural for them to go out without my BF and I! We moved to Virginia from NY so on my parents way to VA they stop at my bf's house in Brooklyn, have dinner and bring gifts to us! its wonderful.. I know this post is so far in the past.. did they meet yet?
  • Our parents met while we were dating, but only for a short period of time. My family and I were going to Missouri for Christmas to visit my dad's family and I had invited my husband (boyfriend at the time) to come with and surprisingly  he said yes. Our families live in the same state, but 3-4 hours away from one another. We drove down and picked him up and that's when our parents met his parents for the first time for like 10 minutes. 

    The 2nd time our parents met was at the Wedding Shower (I hate calling it a bridal shower since it was for both of us, so there were guys there) and the 3rd was the Wedding. 

    I don't really have advice, we just kind of winged it, lol! But it went great. Your parents are adults, they should be able to keep their mouth shut and behave. 
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