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Probably been asked before but...

Like I said, probably been asked a lot before, but I was just reading this article on yahoo, thought you ladies might enjoy. And also wondered where is the craziest/best place you've had sex? Honestly, I've never done it any where crazy. But there are a few on this list I would love to try!{"10151311943626493":10150837575952616}&action_type_map={"10151311943626493":"news.reads"}&action_ref_map=[]

Re: Probably been asked before but...

  • Craziet place ever was in his aunt/uncle's hot tub, completely out in the open.  Neghbors could have easily seen.  It was years ago when we were young and wild.  So the most recent "crazy" place was in the backseat of the car.  We w

  • After playing "Never have I ever" the other night at a Bachlorette party, I need to step up my game Smile.  But the craziest place was in a cabin with 10+ ppl staying al
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  • The craziest place that I have had sex is actually on the list and that would be in a movie theater. We were the only ones in the theater and we were waiting for the movie to start. 
  • I have had sex that was on that list. I had sex in a car with other passengers. My dh and I were driving back from Texas for spring break and my sil was driving. She realized when were done what we had done though because of the shaking car haha.
  • The only crazy things we've done is when we were buying a home the house was empty and the home inspector was upstairs and we were downstairs.  Also we did it next to a river that was right next to a busy road.
  • In the woods.
  • 16, 21 & 25 (if a cruise ship counts)

    Also in a tent (many times) with hundreds of others camping within arms length of us. We weren't alone as we could hear others having sex.

    Backyard during the day. In his swimming pool. My parents barn (up in the hayloft).

    Haven't done anything crazy within the past year.
  • In the snow. In front of a window. In a parking lot. On a two track in the bed of a truck. In a completely dark room where another couple was staying, it was obvious in the morning they did it too. In a deer blind. In the garage with the doors open.

    Eh my list is kinda long... However, never would I in a public bathroom or movie theater. I'd be too afraid of what body part might accidentally touch what.

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  • Beside the Interstate (in rural Oklahoma) at night since it was a few months since I had last seen MW.  In a rest stop bathroom, for the same reason (both after dark).  We almost did it at an outdoor concert (3rd base).
  • In the car in the parking lot of a very popular stadium. In a park at night.
  • I can't top those. Maybe we could start listing the daring places to flash one's DH, FI, SO, BF etc. 
  • lifeguardlifeguard member
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    This sort of fits a few categories . DH and myself were out for a late swim. We heard some sort of aircraft but didn't think much of it. I was leaning back floating about to orgasm while DH was going down. For a few seconds the backyards and the pool were illuminated brighter than daylight.The cops in their  new helicopter flipped the search light on us. They left in a hurry probably expecting a blast from their supervisor due to a public complaint. We didn't say anything as there is no way to win that situation.
  • In my university library, in the photography society darkroom at our student union, in the staffroom at my old job, in a church where my boyfriend was caretaker (and in the garden there). Oh, and multiple times in a supply tent on a scout trip with my first boyfriend when I was a teenager.
  • When DH and I were still engaged we did it on Daytona Beach at night, in the ocean, and in a life guard tower. We were REALLY happy to be engaged lol
  • When DH and I were still engaged we did it on Daytona Beach at night, in the ocean, and in a life guard tower. We were REALLY happy to be engaged lol

    Hey.....was that you that left the spots on my tower ?

  • According to the list you provided, we've done number 7, BUT I didn't realize we were in a cemetery until I got out of the car to pee in the grass. I thought we'd just pulled over off a back country road somewhere, and wound up peeing next to a headstone, which is still so very creepy to me. Had I realized what we were pulling into, I'd have gotten him to go elsewhere.

    Anyway, the only other thing I can think of is in the back of a rental car in the driveway of our first apartment, which faced out onto a busy street. It happened at dusk, though, so I doubt anyone saw. Apparently we have a thing for cars. Who knew. 

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