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Heart Attack Averted

How the IRS doesnt literally kill people I will never know. I get a letter yesterday telling me I owe the IRS $250 from my 2009 taxes. That year I screwed up my taxes and left something out and had to amend them. After that point I owed money. But of course it wasnt until 2011 that they found that there was a problem at all. Whatever, I paid the money, moved on. Then I get this letter yesterday. WTF???

Evidentally there was a problem with the system and it never closed my actual account and kicked me out a bill for late fees and penelties. I almost threw up. It was only $250, but after everything I went through and the total I had to pay out after the screw up was discovered, I was ready to just die. I thought the drama was totally over. I even got a letter in the mail thanking me for my full payment.

I swear, if they do this to people and their bills are higher, its a shocking thing that people arent lining up to jump of the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Re: Heart Attack Averted

  • I hate dealing with the IRS. I feel bad for people who are self employed and have to do everything themselves. 

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  • Glad it's straightened out!  I know one time I got a 4K bill from MD because I filed from a MD address but the year before I lived in PA, and paid them the state taxes.  I just had to send my renters settlement to show when I moved.  It's a
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