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Designing a Kitchen Island

We are thinking of putting in a kitchen island. I didn't realize we could decide exactly what we want in it as far as drawers, cabinets etc. I have no idea! Any suggestions on what you like or dislike about your kitchen island? Thanks!

Re: Designing a Kitchen Island

  • Must have: Electricity! Make sure that you install at least one pair of electrical outlets. You will thank me later ;)

    Likes: At least one large drawer, a cabinet with pull-out shelves/drawers.

    Dislikes: The island in my kitchen currently has cabinets on all sides, even under the countertop overhang on the bar-stool side. This is something I do not recommend! I can't tell you how annoying it is to have to move the bar stools every time I want to access the items in those cabinets. Also? The cabinets are white, so every time someone sits there, they get scuffed up with shoe marks.  



  • Hello! New lurker to this board :)

    It kind of depends on what your island is next to. Our island has one end that faces the oven, so we have three drawers - a top shallow one for lids, middle and bottom are deeper for our pans. We also have a cabinet on one of the longer sides that has a drawer above it, we use the cabinet for our mixer and blender, etc. and the drawer is for measuring spoons, etc. The other end of our island has an extended counter with a support below and we can put two stools at it for a little eating area.

    So I guess my advice would be to look at what you have adjacent to your island and think of what could be useful to be stored in it nearby. 

    Also, as PP says, power is great. I don't have it in mine, but wish I did so I could use my mixer on it. 

    Hope this helps!

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  • Ditto electricity.

    I will add that I am not a huge fan of open shelving on islands - they get dusty and dirty very quickly and things out for display often get bumped by people walking by.

    Also, ample bright task lighting overhead is a great idea too.

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