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Headaches and Migraines

So does anyone out there have constant issues with headaches and migraines? I am constantly getting them. The longest migraine I've had to date was 6 months. (That is every moment of every day with a migraine not letting up.)

 I have seen an eye doctor, dentist, chiropractor, myofascial therapist, family doctor, neurologist, allergist and licensed massage therapist. (You can imagine the bills.) The closest answers I have gotten are that I have inhalant allergies (i.e. - dust and pollens), but I think I've had those long before this started. After several treatments not working (pill and intravenous), the neurologist suggested going to a massage therapist monthly for preventative measures if I thought it would help. I went to a massage therapist and found that I have a lot of tight shoulder, neck and head muscles. I think massage could help if I could ever get all the knots worked out to start with but massage is so expensive when you start getting it that often and most insurances won't touch massage. I just feel like there has got to be something else contributing to these headaches and migraines too.

 Does anyone have any suggestions for an easy and inexpensive solution?

Re: Headaches and Migraines

  • Do you take BCPs? Hormonal changes could cause them as well as dehydration. Do you take a magnesium supplement? What is your blood pressure like? Are you constantly stressed? 
  • I only get headaches when I don't sleep enough and when I'm dehydrated.  You can also get headaches from being overhydrated as happened to this lady:

    I recommend the book: The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies

    It gives you many suggestions of things that you can try until you find something that works.  Something that works for one person may make it worse for another person.  I have tight muscles in my neck and shoulders too but I don't get headaches.  Hopefully the recommendations in the book will be enough for you.

    If you live near south Jersey you can try visiting a Tandem Point therapist:
    You will know if the problem is at least partly caused by tight muscles after one session.  I had pain in my forearm and the therapist massaged trigger points in my chest and the pain abated.  It's worth a try.

  • Here are some positive statements you can practice.
    • Let go of things I cannot control.
    • I am healthy, vital, and strong.
    • There is nothing in the world I cannot handle.
    • All my needs are met.
    • I am completely and utterly safe.
    • Every day in every way I am getting stronger.
  • I have taken BCPs in the past but it has been a long time. They did mess up my hormones pretty badly but I don't know that that is where the headaches and migraines are coming from.


    I have started taking a magnesium supplement per the allergists suggestion (800 iu a day) but haven't noticed a change in the headaches.


    Blood pressure.... it's not bad.


    I am stressed a lot though. I'm working on finding a way to be less stressed. 

  • This might sound strange, but do you eat a lot of dairy? I used to get migraines multiple times a month when I was 15 and 16 years old,  but when I cut out milk, cheese, and ice cream, I didn't get them at all. Just a suggestion...I do hope you find something that helps you!

  • Try acupunture. See if you can find a neuro that also does pain management as well as nerve blocks, trigger point therapy and even specializes in migraines. Some people have had success with chiropractic treatment with migraines. There are medications you can take either as needed and others you can take on a daily basis as a preventative measure for migraines.



  • Hello

     Have you tried to figure out if you are having migraines or tension headaches?

    I have been suffering from both for the last 5 years. Most of the times they are stress related. My back tenses up and I get horrible tension headaches or migraines with aura or without.

     The worst is that I used to feel so helpless and I could not understand why I got them.

    What helped was that I started to see a psychologist and I found a doctor who does acupuncture.

    My husband and I bought a massage bench and I gives me back massages a few times a week. Maybe that is a possibility for your since massages are expensive.

    It is important that people who suffer from Migraines or tension headaches start exercise on a regular basis. Sports like running, walking, cycling, swimming-sports that get your heart rate going for a minimum of 30 minutes at least 2-3 times a week.

    I also found that it helps to do relaxation exercises such as Chi Gong or progressive muscle relaxation according to Jakobsen. It is a simple way to learn how you can relax your body.

    I hope this helps a little!

  • do you work under fluorescent lights?  

    i had been getting chronic headaches for years before i tried messing with the lights in my classroom.  i covered them with these vinyl covers that are made specifically for that purpose, and poof!  the headaches almost completely went away.  i figured it out because although i would come home from work with a headache, i very rarely started a headache at home.  then we bought energy-saving lightbulbs, and i started getting headaches at home.  i put everything together and realized that must have been the cause.  i still get some headaches (i'm a pretty high-stress person) and i can't completely stay away from fluorescent lighting, but it has made a tremendous difference.

  • True migraines are most often hormone related. I find that 'migraine' is an overused term though and is sometimes used to describe a really bad headache that may be from something else.
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  • See a cardiologist.  My friend had a chronic migraine for close to a year but no doctor, despite their specialty, could pinpoint it.  She saw a cardiologist who was able to diagnose her with a patent foramen ovale (PFO), she had a heart cath-type procedure that closed the hole and she's seen major improvement since.  She was about 23 y/o when this all started and had no other issues with her heart.
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