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How was your cruise? I've been waiting for an update. :)
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Re: Kathryn

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    How was your cruise? I've been waiting for an update. :)

    Oh!  Sorry - I alwasy forget to do that.

    It was OK - the cruise was good, the ship (Celebrity Constellation) was big but not overwhelming.  We had a nice sized "suite" on one of the lower balcony decks.  It has queen bed w/ a pull out sofa and chair.

    Flew in Sunday (DD's flown before but this was the first time she REALLY got it - and she loved flying, she was chattering away the whole time, so excited at ttake off and landing "Mama!  We're in the clouds!"  It was very cold in Miami (in the 50's?); we just hung out for a bit, had a late lunch/early dinner I haven't been to Miami in over 10 years and its really changed.  It was so beautiful and stylish. 

    Monday - cruise day - got on the ship, had to hang out for a few hours before our room was ready - that was a little odd, but OK.  We couldn't check out things too much b/c we all had our bags.  Finally got into our cabin and it was nice.

    Tuesday - day at sea - really just hung otu at the pool. My dad had a huge blow out w/ the waiter at dinner that night, my mom ran away from the table crying (good family times).  I missed a good bit of it b/c I was in the bathroom w/ DD.

    Wednesday - we went to Roatan Honduras (tiny little speck of an island).  We just went to private beach club to relax.  It was a long drive there, but nice once we were there.  It rained the first hour or so we were there, but after that, warm and sunny.  We had chairs on the beach and walked down a bit and waded in and had tons of fish swimming around us.  If DD hadn't been with us, we could have gone our snorkeling a bit further, but didn't really make it to that. 

    Thursday - Cozumel.  We went to a dolphin encounter @ Chakanaab Park.  The dolphin encounter itself was awesome and we all got touch/pet/kiss a dolphin and they initially put us in a w/ a mama-baby pair (couldn't touch the baby though) but we did get very close and saw them nursing!  But, the mama was busy and not really into hanging out w/ us, so they moved us to another dolphin.  The park was really great, but they had us on a really tight schedule (for no reason) and we spent far too much time waiting for buses and gettting yelled at from mega-phones.  (uhhhh - I can figure out where the potty is myself, thanks!)  this just re-inforced for me that I wsnat to go to Cozumel but on my own.

    Friday - at sea all.  Again, DD, DH and I just hung out at the pool most of the day.

    It was good and fun, but ugh, my family is tough!  Flying w/ them was a PITA.  I can see the appeal of cruises, but for us, at this point, I'd rather go to an AI and just stay put.  I thought the food and service were good/great but there are alot of BS upcharges that you ahve to watch out for.  We didn't get any drink packages - so glad of that!  They did have daycare type thing on the ship and it was nice - they had a bunch of climbing stuff, ball pit, etc. but it was drop off only - I couldn't play anywhere with DD.


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