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best way to clean a rug

I realized today that the rug in my son's nursery is starting to look really dirty. I vacuum at least once a week, but it just seems to have a grey-ish tint to it. I just used some 409 carpet cleaner and used it exactly like it said, but the rug is still dirty looking. It's a 3 x 5 rug, so it's too big for the washer, although I have considered trying to shove it in there just because I don't know how else to get it clean. But I'd probably end up ruining both the washer and the rug. I thought about sprinkling Oxyclean all over it, then spraying it with water and seeing if that works. Any thoughts? I found the rug at a children's consignment shop, so it wasn't expensive, but it matches the room so perfectly so I don't want to have to get rid of it. But dirty carpet grosses me out!
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Re: best way to clean a rug

  • What color is it?
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  • I have a thought: what about filling the bathtub up w/ hot water and a little oxyclean, detergent, or whatever, and let it soak for a while (hours and hours). Then scrub it w/ a rag as well as you can (so long as it doesn't ruin the thread). Then, rinse it off well (maybe outside w/ a water hose), wring it out as well as you can, and then let it dry out completely.

    No idea if that would work, but I doubt it would hurt.

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  • I had a rug that was dirty but soaking it didn't work that well so I took an outdoor window spray bottle, filled it with hot water and some Mr. Clean (you could use Oxyclean)  hooked up the hose and sprayed away the dirt then hung it up to dry. It worked great. HTH

  • A 3x5 I would take to the dry cleaner.  I have all hardwoods/tile and area rugs in my house, and anything 5x8 and over I have carpet cleaners come and do professionally.  
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  • Take it to a place that cleans area rugs. There are places that specialize in that.


  • i would take it to alpine specialty cleaning, they cleaned my area rugs and my mothers and they look so good... and smell so much better concidering i have dogs that are smelly and dirty.. i wonder if they will clean my
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