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Thyroid issues?

Hey guys, new member here. Hoping you have some avenues that I can research. I noticed that a lot of you are pretty well experienced in weight loss, better eating, etc, so I'm hoping that you might have some valid opinions.

I've been trying to lose about 50 pounds for a few years now. When I got my first desk job, I sky rocketed up to 225 lbs. For a 5'9" guy, that's no good. This was when I was about 21, so being young, I just cut my portions in half and went jogging, kept up my weights, and knocked it down to my svelt 175 with no problem. Then I got married, started cooking for two, and gained it all back. 

Now I'm 30 and I can't seem to shed it. I jog, lift weights, eat mostly right, etc. I can drop a few pounds here or there, but overall I'm just maintaining a solid 225. I've been doing a lot of reading, and this houston thyroid specialist (hope the link is ok) is saying that a lot of people are unable to lose weight because as their diet worsens and they get older, it adversely affects their thyroid and that bad thyroid function can make it hard to lose weight, even if they don't have any other real symptoms.

Has anybody else heard this? I've got no other symptoms. I'm not fatigued, achy, sick, etc, I just can't lose the padding. Do you think it's a valid thing that I should have checked out? I mean, I always thought that a little diet and exercise would fix almost anything, but I cannot seem to shed this weight.

Any advice or other avenues of research would be awesome.

Re: Thyroid issues?

  • I have definately heard of having thyroid problems that don't show up in lab tests.  I would be cautious about taking medication before trying other options.

    Restricted diets and too much exercise can cause thyroid issues.  There are many people who strive to either lose weight or maintain a low weight that is too low for them and end up wrecking their thyroid in the process.  Just because someone loses weight doesn't mean they are healthier.

    You might be interested in the following articles:

  • Before you muck about with diets and supplements and stuff, go to an endocrinologist and have them test your thyroid.


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • As organs and systems in the body slow down with age, the thyroid gland may be affected, altering the amount of thyroid hormone it releases into the body. Thyroid nodules are among the most common types of thyroid problems to affect aging adults, so screening is important to catch these thyroid problems early.
  • My husband had the same issue. Even though he was biking to work every day, eating well, etc, he couldn't shed any extra pounds. He started taking a whole foods based nutrition supplement called Zeal for Life, and he lost 12 of those difficult pounds in 10 days. IM me if you would like mor's definitely worth your time!  

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