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How to get a dog to pee

Is it possible to teach your dog to pee fast?

I have two dogs and my male dog knows how to pee when we ask him too.  We open the door, he runs out and does his business and comes back in.  My female needs to be walked for 10 minutes or more to get her to pee.

I'm on mat-leave with a baby right now and we don't have a fenced yard.  My hubby takes the dogs out in the morning, so they are good for a few hours but sometimes he can't get the female to pee.  It's winter, so it's a pain for me to have to bundle LO up in the morning and walk the dog.  If the weather is nice, I don't mind walking the dogs at all.  I enjoy it.  But when it's -10, no thank you!  

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Re: How to get a dog to pee

  • If you've never done it, teach her a "go pee/go potty" command. You do this by giving the command repeatedly as she goes, thus her associating her action with the command. Giving loads of praise and treats afterward helps firm up that association for her.

    Also, some dogs just take longer than others. Our Boxer can head out to the backyard and make a beeline to her poop spot most of the time, but sometimes it doesn't happen until she's been moving around for a little while; this directly correlates to getting things "moving" on the inside as well. She might just need that time to really get that urge to have to go, although it's kind of surprising she wouldn't have to go immediately first thing in the morning. 

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  • Ditto teaching a pee/potty command.  I taught both of my dogs by just starting to say the command ("Go pee" for us) when they were already pottying and praising/rewarding immediately when they finished (even verbally praising while they were pottying).  Eventually, I was able to just tell them to "go pee," and the understood.  It is especially helpful in bad/cold weather (such as the blizzard that hit us last weekend!).

    You may need to teach the command on leash first, as some dogs can get easily distracted by other things (smells, sights, etc.) and "forget" to potty.  Once you have the command working strongly on leash, you can move to off-leash in a safe, enclosed area (though it sounds like your yard isn't fenced, so the on-leash comman may be all you need). GL!

  • image LuckyAngel07:

    ...although it's kind of surprising she wouldn't have to go immediately first thing in the morning. 

    My dog will purposely not drink much when the weather is bad - very cold or rainy - because she doesn't like using the bathroom in those conditions. This leads to her sometimes not going as quickly in the morning.

    One way we've inadvertently solved this is by doing her morning/evening feeding immediately after going out to potty. She knows to run out, do her business, then run back in to be fed. Since this is her routine she's connected the two in her mind and will try to go even if there isn't much so she can get back in for food.

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