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Which BeachBody should I try??

I looked around, initially thinking Insanity.  I'm really intimidated by it, though.  Looked at Turbo Fire and the new Les Mills Combat.  I read all of the reviews of Insanity, and the reason I'm scared is that most said they were already in excellent shape doing it?  Turbo negative reviews are just that it didn't work or repetitive; and, of course....they would rather do Insanity.  Nothing on the Les Mills Combat.  I spin 3x times a week and still need to lose 20lbs.  I would consider myself rather weak.  Opinions?

Re: Which BeachBody should I try??

  • The Brazilian Butt lift one is AWESOME!
  • P90X.  It's not as crazy as Insanity and they give you lots of modified moves to start with.  If you spin regularly you should be able to do this.  The downfall for these is the time, they ask you to work out for about an hour a day. 

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  • What are you specifically looking for? 

    I'm actually a Les Mills intructor for Body Combat (the in-gym group x class) so I know a lot about the new BB/LM team up for the combat and pump stuff. I can answer any Qs you have (no, I'm not a vendor. :P Just happen to be an instructor)

    I think they are all great choices, but it depends on what you're looking for out of an at-home work out.

    Are you wanting to focus on strength training? Cardio Endurance? just pure fat loss...or muscle definition?  

  • I'd love it all!  However, I think I would love to get some belly fat off, first!  I know you can't spot reduce, but I am seriously afraid of how much I have.  The apple shape and heart disease thing is freaking me out.  Any suggestions would be great. It takes a lot for me to lose weight.  It comes off SLOW.  I have about 30lbs to go.  I am 39 yrs old. 
  • I'm about 2/3 of the way through Insanity and it has kicked my butt thus far.  I tend to not follow the diet portion as strictly as I should, so admittedly I haven't lost much weight--but my muscle mass and definition is still MUCH better than before I started Insanity.  FWIW, although the first month the workouts are around 30-40 minutes, the 2nd month pretty much all of the workouts are around an hour long too.

    A few years ago DH and I did P90X together and really enjoyed that too.  I decided to do Insanity instead this time around because I prefer cardio when I work out.  Once I'm done with Insanity, though, I may consider doing the hybrid between these two programs. 

  • To get the pounds off, your diet will be more important than your work out routine. Not just WHAT you eat, but WHEN you eat it can make a significant difference in your ability to lose weight and ability to kick butt at whatever program you decide to work with. 
    Combat is killer. It's incredibly high intensity. It requires a lot from every major muscle group (even though I'm an instructor, I always end up with SOMETHING sore after a class.. usually the arms or abs) It's can be a lot for knees/ankles to handle though. If that's a concern, you may want to look at something that incorporates more than just on-your-feet movements. 
    I haven't tried anything by Jillian Michaels, but I have heard that for beginners or intermediate, her 30 Day Shred is fantastic and seems to not beat up any particular muscle group in particular.  
    I know that insanity and p90x are very popular as well, but they are not as fun and bouncy so they don't keep my attention (although, I suck at any at-home work out honestly..:P ).  
  • I've done Turbo Fire, P90X, and am starting Insanity on 4/1. I needed to work my up to Insanity.  I have done some stuff from Combat, and I loved it!  Turbo fire is 90 days too and it can get repetitive, although I love it!.  I would lean towards Combat if  were you!  Good luck!
  • I am currently doing the Insanity Workout. Ya, it's tough but you push yourself as hard as you want to. I have to admit though. I am through the first month and on the recovery week and I'm getting a little bored. But that's just me. I definitely have found my abs! Not as smooth as I would like after having 3 kids, but I can see the definition!! I didn't try any other Beach Body workouts prior to Insanity. Did workout at the gym a couple times a week. Nothing super intensive though.
    Hope this helps in your decision.
    Independent Distributor 
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