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my new gym routine

I've finally found a routine that's been working for us.  We have a family dinner between 5 and 5:30, I aim for 5, I put the baby to bed at 6:30 and I'm at the gym by 6:50.  I'm full after dinner, but by the time I get to the gym I feel fine.  Could it be effecting my workout or results eating a main meal that close to when I work out?  I don't get home and showered till after 8 so I don't want to eat then, plus I like eating as a family.
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Re: my new gym routine

  • I feel sick and heavy if I eat less than an hour or two before a swim practice, but if this is working for you, go for it! Remember that certain foods take longer to digest (i.e. fats and protein), and eating lots of fibre before, say, running, isn't generally recommended because it digests TOO fast, but if you're sitting on a stationary bike or lifting weights, what you eat right beforehand won't matter so much.
  • as an athlete all my life (gymnastics and track), I found that I couldn't eat much of a dinner....i'd come from one practice 330-5, eat, and head to another from 6-830. so my 'dinner' would be a mid-sized snack in between, and then i'd be running off to practice.  i truthfully would eat my actual dinner around 930 every night and then stay up til 12 or so doing homework.

    i did find that if i ate too much, i'd feel weighed down and sluggish (though evenings was gymnastics, so flipping around on a full stomach isn't great fun in the first place!!)  nutritionwise -- it doesn't matter much at all.  your body tends to use the available fuel as long as you ate well up until dinner, your body will respond with enough energy to get you through the workout.  if you are eating a full dinner and still feeling fine and getting good workouts in -- then keep it up!

     that being said -- if you are worried about eating too much beforehand, could you eat a smaller portion with your family, knowing that you'd snack on leftovers when you come home?  sort of split your dinner in 2?

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