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Has anyone have/had a pet that has suffered from the parvo virus? My brother's dog might have it and I might need some suggestions.

Re: Parvo

  • I am very familiar with it. What questions do you have?
  • Yes, and if he has it he will very likely need to be hospitalized for about a week for treatments as it makes puppy's very ill.
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  • I can answer questions. It's a very rough disease that requires supportive care (hospitalization usually) to get through the disease. Thankfully now a days most puppies make it with proper treatment. That being said don't delay a proper evaluation by a vet, the longer you wait to be seen the riskier the chances of survival.
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  • We had a rescue pup with parvo..she was lethargic, vomiting and wasnt eating 3 days into bringing her home.  This disease is lethal if not treated immediately with medical attention.  Your brother's dog will probably need to be hospitalized overnight for at least a few days depending on how bad they are.  Be prepared for some serious vet bills....good luck :(
  • Along with what everyone else said, know that if your brother's dog does have the disease, it can be spread to anyone else that comes into the home or the area where the dog has gone to the bathroom. Clean with bleach as much as possible and restrict your pets contact his home for awhile. It's a nasty, nasty disease and we bleach the office multiple times during parvo season and it's a pain in the butt!!
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