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Meeting other married couples

My DH and I have been married for 2 years and a few months. We are a young couple I am 25 and he is 26. We have been having trouble finding other couples with the same interests and values in life.  I am a practicing Christian and my DH doesnt practice in any religion just in spirituality church isnt a great option for us to meet other couples, It just turns into people trying to convert him to Christianity.

So my question is...does anyone have suggestions for meeting other couples other than church and co workers :) 

Re: Meeting other married couples

  • You could always take a class together (like a cooking class, photography class or whatever type of class interests you), join a local club for something that interests you (like a local hiking club), volunteer somewhere together, or join a group in your area of interest on
  • Take a coed class together: ballroom/Latin/tango classes, coed tennis lessons for beginners, adult school classes, cooking classes, coed martial arts classes, art classes, photography classes.

    There are also amateur theatre groups/choruses that are always looking for members; even if you and he are not acting types, theatre groups always need people to help out behind the scenes and to help "sell" the show by raising money for the group.:)
  • I suggest checking out I was hesitant to do so at first, but it came highly recommended by other nesties. I just recently joined a group and have gone to a couple of events. There are plenty of groups to choose from in my area (although it varies by location). I definitely recommend it because your literally meeting up with others who are interested in the same thing--getting to know others and making friends.
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  • Do you HAVE to hang out with other people who are couples? My DH goes to a beer brewing thing and made friends there, I made friends at a local gym that I go to...we are capable of hanging out with these new friends on our own, or we invite them to do stuff with us as a couple. Sometimes the friends we make have a significant other, sometimes they don't, we don't really discriminate in that way.

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  • OK, so I know you said the religion thing isn't an option...however, have you considered looking into a church which is less evangelical...we go to a presbyterian church with a huge young couples group and I think there are a number of couples where one person is "a believer" and the other person just likes being part of a community (and wants to raise children in church.)  I know this is going to sound weird but the church is not a high pressure "converting people" place.   There are bible studies and you can have religious discussions with people...but if you are not comfortable with that, its not being forced on you.  
  • Have you ever tried They have a lot of groups for married couples. Sometimes they are hit or miss but usually you can find a good one.
  • DH and I are pretty much in the same boat.
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