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birthday poll

Do you still get bday gifts from people besides your parents and DH?  Cash or items?

Do you splurge on yourself for bdays, regardless of whether you get gifts?  What kinds of things do you buy yourself? 

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Re: birthday poll

  • I love quiz days in my classroom :)

    I do still get gifts from some aunts and uncles...mostly monetary or some sort of gift cert.  DH makes fun of me - "what are you, twelve?" is usually the response as gather my checks to take to the bank :)

    I don't splurge.  I always say I will, but then I find a million other things to do with my money.  Or I add it to our travel fund.

    This year I kinda want to buy a big item for myself - like a Le Creuset dutch oven or a pair of real Uggs (don't judge! - I hate the knock-offs I have). 

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  • My FIL sends me cash or a gift card. My boss is incredibly thoughtful and gives me a gift each year. I always get a card from my BFF.  A gf from college and I regularly exchange bday gifts (something smaller--a little clutch purse or a cookbook). 

    And yes, I regularly splurge on myself for both bdays and xmas. This year's xmas splurge was a Clarisonic Mia2.  In previous birthdays (March), I have splurged on a wonderful case of beer that I held onto throughout the year and allowed it to age.  Otherwise, it will usually involve purchasing a coat or a dress (my two "problem addictions").
  • Only my sister and I exchange and it's usually gift cards.  We got each other the same gift this year.

    If I want something around the time of my birthday, I'll use the day as an excuse to buy something I probably would've bought anyway.

    I just like a nice not even expensive or anything dinner out.  Doesn't have to be fancy.  For mother's day last year, I made DH go to Red Robin :)

  • My parents still give me gifts (my dad always gives me cash and my mother usually comes for a visit and takes me out shopping-they're divorced). My MIL and FIL also give birthday gifts and typically we go out to dinner as well. DH and I don't exchange gifts-like ever. We'll go out to a nice dinner or go do something together rather than give gifts. I actually prefer not having to give or receive gifts.
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  • I'm still pretty spoiled. I'm the only child but come from a big extended family. My parents still give me a pretty nice gift and some of my favorite aunts and uncle usually send a card with cash. My H had to adjust to this because his family are not celebrators. I'm turning 30 in March and he knows I expect some sort of celebration, even just a nice dinner. I did rent him with a shore house for the week for his, so I am a grand gesture person for big birthdays!  My mom always said there is enough bad stuff in life why not celebrate the fun stuff so I pretty much follow that motto. :)
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  • My parent's don't even really give me a gift for my birthday anymore. My sisters stopped years ago. I usually try to give DH a budget so he doesn't buy me something ridiculous (he likes sparkly things) We do go out to dinner. 2 years ago we went to Marsha Brown's in New Hope. This year we went to Texas Road House lol, so not always a splurge.

  • My sisters and I usually exchange small birthday gifts or treat the birthday girl to a fun dinner.  It's nice.

    As for my husband, yes we definitely splurge on birthday gifts.  More so, it's an excuse to get that one thing you've been eyeing for a while but feel bad buying.  Like a new DSLR for my 30th bday, or Tory Burch riding boots the year before. Recent gifts for him have been an iPad, and Monte Blanc pen.  It's the stuff you want but feel bad buying.  I'm sure this habit will change once we have kids.


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  • I usually get a gift from my parents and my MIL, and DH will usually take me to dinner- like others have said, nowhere fancy.  Last year I can't even remember where we went, to be honest.  My sister generally gets me a card and maybe something small, but not always.  And my one grandmom usually sends a gift card of some sort.

    DH and I don't exchange anything big.

    My one group of friends and I usually get together for birthdays and go to hibachi for dinner...that didn't even happen last year though because it was too hard to coordinate a date. 

     This year I turn 30, and to be honest, I expect a little something...for DH's 30th I threw a party and took him on a long weekend trip.  I don't need both, but a little get together with friends would be nice.

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  • I usually get cash from my parents and gifts from my bff and her mom.  Nothing too extravagant.

    I try to treat myself to something small whether if it's with birthday money or my own.  

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  • I still get gifts from my parents, my IL's and my goddaughter. I got a few extra from different family members this past one since it was a big one, if 30 is even a big deal???  Usually gifts, things I need or fun gifts I won't buy myself, my MIL is good for giftcards which I love, cash usually gets spent on take out or stupid stuff. And my mother still asks me for a birthday list every year so.... Embarrassed

    I rarely splurge on myself, if budgets weren't so tight maybe I would, or maybe not. I love getting deals, using coupons, etc so paying full price for even a splurge item may kill me slowly inside. If I was to splurge though, I am more of a shoes kind of girl rather than bags or jewlery so I would probably get a killer pair of heels that would rarely get worn considering my lifestyle

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  • DH and I don't usually do anything crazy for each other.  We will usually go out to dinner, and it's ranged from really nice restaurants to Texas Roadhouse or Red Robin. Now with the baby on the way, all of that will change.  We did not go out for DH's birthday this year, and we are just going to my parents' house for my birthday.

    My parents still get me a nice birthday gift, as do my aunt and uncle and siblings.  This year, my parents are going to get some things off my registry for the baby that I still need that I didn't get, which is fine by me.  It's always been hard though, because my birthday is the month after Christmas. 

    I am not a splurger at all.  I too love buying things on the cheap.  I also do not mind buying things for me that are used or refurbished. 

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