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My husband and I are ready to start trying but my doctor said over a year ago IVF is the only option. I don't want to start there, I want more natural options, and IVF is outrageous for 2 working people.

Any advice onn where to start

Re: infertility

  • Without knowing your medical history or why IVF was suggested no one can give accurate advice. I would suggest meeting with a perinatologist and a maternal fetal medicine OB. 
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  • Hey, adoption's natural! Animals do it, after all.

    Seriously, if you've been told by a doctor that IVF is the only way you can have a child, I'd be inclined to believe him/her. As PP suggested, talk to your doc and ask for a specialist. 

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    Without knowing your medical history or why IVF was suggested no one can give accurate advice. I would suggest meeting with a perinatologist and a maternal fetal medicine OB. 

    Yep --- and also get a second and possibly a third opinion from a gyn, also.

    Consider looking into other ways to start a family. There's tons of older kids readoy for adoption who need a home and if you're willing, the foster system always needs foster parents.

    IVF can be costly -- and not just money-wise. It's emotionally taxing to both partners and physically taxing, also. It's also not guaranteed to work during the first (or other) venture(s).Best of luck.
  • For a doctor to go to IVF, that's pretty extreme. If that s what he feels is necessary, I have to wonder why you feel natural options are going to work. 

    I ask because IVF was our option and it REALLY was. "natural" wasn't going to work for us no matter what.

    I'd definitely get another opinion.  

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  • I would also get a second (and/or a third) opinion before your proceeded with IVF. 
  • Do you mind sharing why your doctor said IVF is your only option. IVF seems extreme to be a starting point. I would suggest getting a 2nd or 3rd opinion.

    How long have you been trying? Did your OB/Gyn doctor tell you that you need IVF or have you been to a RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist).

    I believe in "natural" options, but without any background information on your medical history, I have no suggestions. 

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  • You say "ready to start trying" I wouldn't give up on it occurring naturally before you start spending the big bucks. Miracles happen and ultimately it's about having fun and a connection too, making love with your partner.

    Otherwise though, make the choice between you.

    If it helps, my grandparents were unable to have children for whatever reason, so they adopted my mom and uncle. Here I am, although I'd not say adoption's a smooth ride. Some children look like they have nothing, but the suitcases they carry can be full of one heck of a lot of emotional baggage, whether they know it or not. (My mom and uncle were the result of a raped woman.)

  • Check out Taking Charge of your Fertility. It is a book which has helped many of us who have struggled with infertility get pregnant. It is a great book.


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