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I'm starting the Whole Living detox and am just curious what experience others have had with detoxing. What side effects did you experience? Is there anything you would have done differently? What if anything did you learn about your typical diet?

Re: Detox

  • "Detoxification" has no base in science. This is a really good article about it:
  • Your body detoxes for you. 
    It's called your liver. Just don't put garbage in your system and let it do its job.
  • I appreciate the article and your input. I should have clarified. I would never use those pills. I am basically cutting out any processed foods (though I never ate much before) and starting the month by just eating fruits and veggies, then each week I'll reintroduce a food; week 2, seafood, beans and lentils, and organic soy, week 3 will be gluten free grains and eggs, week 4 will be meats and gluten. 


    I'm doing it not so much to detox, but to learn a new way of cooking and eating and about the way my body responds to different foods. 

  • You are just going to eat fruits and veggies for one week? What about protein? How will you stay satisfied? 
  • Cutting out processed foods is great, but that plan sounds miserable!
  • I've actually heard doing what she's doing can help you figure out what you're allergic to without doing loads of testing and removing 1 food at a time which can take a long time.

  • The ONLY way I approve of this is as the "elimination diet". Expect to gain any weight you lose, right back. But I understand wanting to do this if you are concerned about how your body handles different foods and if you have any tolerance issues. 

    Research, be safe, follow a set plan. Don't make up your own plan, please.  

  • There is a lot of controversy around detoxes..and yet they are still popular!

    There is a whole food cleanse that you should look into so its not crazy or anything and you actually eat food and not just drink juice. There are no pills or anything to take. See a review here.

  • Great job starting a detox! My husband and I have done juice fasts over the past year, especially after watching the documentary, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead." Check it out on Netflix, it's awesome!
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