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Coat on dog?

Do you put a coat on your dog to walk him/her or go to the dog park in the winter? I have a GSD who is 6 months old and in no way bothered by this cold weather but everyone in my town seems to have a jacket for their pup (even the ones with long double coats like him). Just curious what people are doing elsewhere. I understand why short hair dogs would benefit from a jacket but a German Shepherd who is outside for a walk/trip to the park no more than an hour? Seems very silly.

Re: Coat on dog?

  • The only time I put a coat on our Shiba is more for a joke than anything. Certain breeds such as huskies, german shepards, shibas, etc, have double coats which come in for the winter months, so they cold really doesn't bother them if they are only outside for walks.
  • I have a mini schnauzer and we have been putting a coat on him. But it's mostly because we live in the north and it's been below 0 here.
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  • No coats for our pup, but she has a double layer coat and it doesn't get too cold in NC in the winter. 
  • I have a sweater for our Weim (Old and short coat), but I don't for our Lab and Lab mix

    I do think just about any dog looks cute in a coat/sweater :D  However, IMO long haired/ double coated dogs don't need them.  Maybe in Minot today (-15F high!), but not normal climates.  US Climates

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