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toy aggression

 I just made a friend who has a dog (who my dog plays with at the dog park) and she brought over her dog to our place today. We have never had another dog over before, well my dog got CRAZY aggressive with his toys and his crate... Like turned into a dog fight, I have never seen him do this before. So I took away the toys and then the dogs were fine and just slept on the floor and really didn't care about each other. We walked them together and they were fine. When ever we have gone to other peoples houses he is totally fine with toys and everything.

  Well, I am watching the dog Wed-Friday and I am worried that my dog will get aggressive again and freak out. Does anyone have any animal behavior tips? 

Re: toy aggression

  • It's called resource guarding, and since you're watching this other dog short-term, the easiest thing to do is remove all objects that your dog might guard while the other dog is there. If they have each other to play with, they won't miss the toys. 

    To be safe, I would feed them separately (either crate your dog while they eat, or separated them with a closed door or a baby gate), and if you give them any treats take a while to eat (a bully stick, etc), also give those while the dogs are separated.

    You can also try implementing NILIF (nothing in life is free), in which you control your dog's resources, showing him that he's not in charge, you are. This is beneficial for all dogs, even ones who aren't displaying this behavior.


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