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Scottish Terrier with crystals in urine

First of all, I want to thank you for any advice you may have. We have a 5 year old Scottish Terrier who has environmental allergy issues. She regularly goes to a veterinary dermatologist who treats her allergies with a medication called ATOPICA as well as the regular vet for her regular checkups.

Last year our 5 year old Scottish Terrier was diagnosed with bladder stones. We had surgery to remove them and although the stone was sent out for testing, the lab lost it and so we never got to figure out what specifically is causing them.

She had a chronic bladder infections for a about 3 months last year. Every time she finished the antibiotic it would come back. Eventually they put her on a heavier antibiotic for a longer period of time and she got over it. They also started her on Science Hills Canine C/D to help reduce the crystals in her urine.

We just recently had a urinalysis done just to see if the food is helping to reduce the crystals in  her urine and we aren't seeing any kind of significant change. The vet suggested that we add some cranberry extract to her diet to see if that does it, which I am willing to do, just not sure what else to do to help the poor girl.I don't want her to end up with bladder stones again! We do "wipe" her each time she comes in from going potty (per the vet's suggestion). She is still on the special food.

Any suggestions?

 The allergist said that we can take her off her atopica and switch her to allergy shots and see if that helps, but I really don't want to unless it is our only option because it took us a good year to get her allergies in control and I don't want to go back to her constantly pulling her fur out come spring!

CafeMom Tickers

Re: Scottish Terrier with crystals in urine

  • The best suggestion is the one of adding cranberry extract or just cranberries to your pups diet if she has a predisposition for bladder stones then there is no sure way to stop these stones from forming.  What your allergist suggested might be a good idea because quite possible the atopica might be doing more harm than good in the bladder area.  I hope this helps.
  • Thanks! We've added the cranberry extract. We're scheduled for another urinalysis in 2 months time. We'll see if the cranberry extract helps. If not, then we are going to take the steps the allergist has suggested of taking her off meds and doing testing/allergy shots.
    CafeMom Tickers
  • Try adding extra water to her diet. Crystals can only form in concentrated urine so the more water you can get into her, the better.
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