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Diningroom rug size

Our dining room is going to be 12X14.  What size rug should we get?  Or would it be more important to consider the table size?
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Re: Diningroom rug size

  • At a minimum, I would want 2' of rug around each side of the table to insure that the chairs can sit flat when out or under the table. Depending on the flow of the room, you may want to make it 5' so that the rug is in the circulation area around the table, too.
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  • Thanks!  I'll have to see how big our table is.  It's currently buried in the garage.
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  • I think that depends on if you want MOST of the floor covered or a rug just under the table. Our rug fits under our table and the chairs can be pulled out their own depth from the table and still be on the rug.

    The rug comes no where CLOSE to filling our dinning room, which is hard wood and a big, almost, square.  We actually have out rug and table off center in the room to line up with the entry and oppostie wall and leave a path to the kitchen door ( and toy area) on the side.

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  • I just read somewhere (darned if I remember where...) that a dining room rug should cover the area far enough from the table so that, if someone pushes their chair away from the table to stand up/sit down, the chair is still on top of the rug.

    ETA: Or... a.k.a. what Amers said!

  • Ditto the others -- I think the size of your table will dictate. I pulled all of our chairs out and then measured (the reason why we wanted it was to protect the floors, so I wanted to make sure that the chairs not only sat on it but that they wouldn't fall off the edge when I pulled them out).

    FWIW I got two of our rugs from Rugs USA and they run tons of sales (particularly around holidays, so they may even have one for MLK today). They have some very pretty outdoor rugs that are great for inside and work really well under a dining table b/c they're thin.

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