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Traveling Husband

My husband and I have been married for 7 months and he is in Vegas for the week for work and I am not handling it very well! I have been in tears since he left yesterday ...any ideas on how to get my mind off him being gone would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Traveling Husband

  • I'm going to guess he works in the Golf industry. I only ask because I will be in Vegas next week for the international builder show. Another friend of mine works for GolfSmith and told me he's in Vegas this week for that event. 


    Are you in tears because you miss him? Or because you have trust issues? 

  • Use this time to catch up with friends and family have so girl time go out for coffee. That is hard my husband is leaving in March for a mission trip for a week. I have gone through it before but it never gets easier. Being in the Navy you would think separation would be easy for us but it's not. Especially at night trying to sleep that is the worst I hate sleeping without him. 
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  • use the time to have YOU time!  My hubby is gone on most friday nights, and I can't tell you how fun it is to sit around, paint my toenails, watch the shows he hates, clean things, work on craft projects, etc. You could catch up with friends, or experiment in the kitchen, or all sorts of things!

     I agree it's not the most fun when it's all week, but this gives you an opportunity to be your own person for awhile.  Not to mention you'll have fun things to talk about when he comes home! =)

  • My husband works for the department of defense and is gone for months at a time in various countries. I have a few tips for you.

    1. Let him be, let him provide and not worry about you the whole time.

    2. Get a hobby (or a few)

    3. Get a routine (workout, make dinner etc.) once you get in a routine you will be feeling much better.

    4.  Join a group/club. My bible study ladies are my rock.

    5. Focus on work

    6. Get a DIY project done. Imagine his surprise. Make your house look better.

    7. Organize something

    8. Volunteer

    9. Reconnect with some friends

    10. Enjoy this time watch all those shows he hates and order pizza/take out your way. See a movie he would hate. haha

    11. learn how to cook something delicious.

    12. Get out of the house. Take a class learn something new.

    You are your own person even without him. Even though I miss DH when he is gone I enjoy the time. It makes being together that much sweeter.

    HAVE FUN! 

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  • Thanks ladies that is super helpful! Today was better I work at an elementary school and my kiddos are helping a lot! Our three year old has been a huge distraction but going to bed is the worst!  I miss him but all of your suggestions are awesome!
  • My husband travels for work fairly often; I miss him a lot!  The first night sleeping by myself is always hard, sometimes I leave the tv on in the bedroom just so I don't feel so alone!  And I read in bed so that I don't just lay there thinking how cold it is.  But after a few nights it's easier.  What helps me a lot is to plan things to look forward to.  It could be dinner with my best girl friend, or just renting a girlie movie I've been wanting to see.  I'll also save up "guilty pleasure" shows on my DVR and watch a bunch of those.  I like to cook some of my favorite comfort foods (mac and cheese, anyone?) or sometimes I even order in Chinese food.  Just things that I wouldn't normally do with DH around!  Of course, if he's gone for more than a few nights I can't lay around and eat junk food all night, but once I distract myself through the first few days, I am more motivated to get stuff done around the house.  (I always have laundry, vacuuming, etc. to do!)  It sucks to be apart, but I think it's good for us too - doesn't hurt for us both to have some alone time!
  • My husband is in the military so I do know how it is.

     The key is to stay busy. Make plans with family and friends. Have fun. Go to the movies, get drinks, cook, bake, work out, go to a museum, etc. 

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  • Ladies

    Thanks for all your help! He came home on Friday and we have been able to have some us time before he had to go back to work today! It is nice to know there is a group of women out there who can help out!

  • I know you posted this awhile ago, but here's my advice for if/when he has to go on a business trip again:


    ENJOY IT!  My husband was gone five days a week for six months a year into our marriage, and it was so rough.  But at the same time, I really enjoyed the me time.  It was nice not to have to schedule my life around what he was doing, when he was going to be home, etc.  So next time, just have fun.  Do whatever you want to do!  Go visit your friends or family, teach yourself a new hobby.  Look around on Pinterest and find some little craft projects to do.  Start a new TV show on Netflix.  Get the house in A+ condition, clean some things you normally wouldn't.  And if all else fails?  Just relax!  Sit on the couch and read a book.  :) 

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