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Breast lifts

Have you ever had one? I am a mom to 2 girls and after breastfeeding both of them, my breasts have drooped. In an effort to feel more like the woman i did before and have perky breasts, i want to get a lift. What is your experience?

Re: Breast lifts

  • Are you done having children? Some moms on my BM board had trouble breast feeding after having it done. But besides that, good luck, I'm sure they'll look great!
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  • No, Lord willing, I would like a couple more children. I'm just trying to look ahead. I checked into it and it costs $4000-$6000, so i should start saving now, lol.
  • Why would you want to alter your body? I never understood this of women. Just buy a lifting bra, love yourself and save the cash.
  • I personally haven't had one, but my aunt has. We live in Minnesota and she couldn't be more happy with her surgeon and the results she has gotten. Like you she had a breast lift after 2 kids and didn't consider it again until about a year ago. Minnesota plastic surgery might be easy to find but you really have to read the fine print, do your research, and always check out the credentials. If you were happy with the results from the first time, I would go back to them. You obviously found one you can trust and it is completely normal to feel the need for a second one down the road. If there is a safe way to feel better about yourself that fits in your means, there is no reason not to go for it! You only get one lifetime to feel good about yourself. :)
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