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"friend's" FB profile pic

Not sure if I should say something to this "friend" on this one. There is this girls that my boyfriend and I are friends with. We all use to be really close but haven't been in years. We normally only see and talk to her about 4 times a year. Well her FB profile picture is from my brother's wedding 2 years ago of my boyfriend throwing/carrying her into the lake. the shot is from far away and you only really see him. Am I the only one that thinks this is weird?


P.S. just as a FYI I know that he only talks to her when we are at family and friends parties so it's not like they are really close. Even in HS I always felt she had a thing for my boyfriend but I know nothing has happened between them or ever would it was just a feeling i always got from her. 

Re: "friend's" FB profile pic

  • Maybe she just likes this photo -- who knows why -- and wants to use it in her profile pic. I say it is no big deal.

    You do not have much contact with her. And if you are that uncomfortable around her, discontinue contacting her. 
  • That is kinda weird. I mean I can understand if the women doesnt use fb much and barely goes on, but if she is on a lot with a few updates a week or more, then I would probably question it. Most people change their picture from 2 years ago if they use the site a lot. Well, that is just what I have seen. There is really nothing you can do about it though.

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  • I very rarely change my profile photo.  I hate most pictures of me, so when I find one I like it is very rare, yet I'm posting status updates almost constantly.

    I wouldn't think too much of the photo.

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  • Yes, it's a little weird. However, since she's not making any communication attempts to your BF I'd let it go.
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  • People have a right to decide whatever photo they want for their FB profile. 
  • It's definitely weird, but then again she might just like the photo. Since you're not that close to her, you should let it go. Keep focusing on your current relationship and close friends. 
  • I'm sure there's a better issue to stress over than someone's Facebook update. Does this bother you so much you can't watch re-runs of Jersey Shore?
  • Thank you for the helpful and productive feed back. I am glad I'm not the only one to think it is weird. If she tried to get closer to him then I will worry but I do feel a lot better.
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