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Pre/post workout eating

What do you like to eat to fuel your workout? How long before you work out do you eat? What do you like to have as a snack after your workout?


I think I've been eating too closely to my workout time because about half way through I start getting REALLY nauseous, but I like to have a banana and peanut butter pre-workout and either a smoothie or a small glass of low-fat chocolate milk post workout (this was suggested to me by a friend who is a body builder). 


Re: Pre/post workout eating

  • It depends on the workout. I do cross training, strength training and running.  On my running days I try to eat a carb heavy decent lunch 1.5-2 hours before I go. For the other two I eat a protein heavy lunch. I try to make sure I haven't eaten anything for an hour before a long workout. 

    After my workouts I usually do a protein shake or its dinner time and I start cooking.  

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  • I work out in the morning after dropping my kids at school. I eat my standard bowl of oatmeal that I have every morning. I make sure I don't start my workout until it has been at least an hour since eating. If I start running too soon I tend to get stomach cramps or sour stomach during my run. I have to eat before I work out because I have low blood sugar and if I burn too many calories before eating it causes my blood sugar to tank and I pass out. I need my fuel in the mornings.

    Years ago when I ran early in the mornings. I would get up and eat a banana and piece of peanut butter toast, then check my email and walk the dog, all before going for my run. So about a half hour before running would be my morning pick me up meal.

    After my workout/runs I drink a protein shake. It is low in carbs, sugar and calories. I make it with milk for the extra protein and calcium. 

    I would try giving yourself more time to digest your meal before your workouts.

  • I work out at night usually, right after I get out of work. I like to eat a granola bar about an hour before hitting the gym. Like PPs, I can't eat too close to working out or I end up not feeling too great during the workout. If I know it's going to be a long cardio workout, I will try to eat a luna bar or a clif bar.

    After my workout it's usually dinner time, so I just make normal dinner type food (usually a decent amount of protein, veggies and some kind of carb).


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