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Newlywed Spread....

So, my husband and I have been married a little more than 6 months now. We are both very happy. So happy in fact that we both have gained about 20 lbs since the wedding. I am not happy about it at all. Especially since I had lost a little over 100 lbs prior to the wedding and still had about 30 I wanted to lose. Even worse is that my hubby just looks like he bulked up in muscle. But he still isn't happy with his weight gain. We have no excuses I know but I'm sure others can relate to the stress of planning a wedding (especially one where every single person was coming from out of town) and then a wonderful honeymoon (where we agreed to splurge on our diet because we deserved it) and then have me start a new teaching job the next week and he start back to school a week after that. He's started back at school after serving in the Air Force and our schedules just got all kinds of messed up. Then came the holidays!

Now that it is the new year, we are getting back into our old routine on eating. I have started back on my food journal and we will be hitting the gym at least 3 times a week and I have Zumba DVDs to use in between. I absolutely love Zumba btw. 

I guess I was wanting to see if anyone else had the same problems when they first got married. The weight gain has really just affected my self-esteem and the way I view myself. Any tips or suggestions to get a more positive outlook on starting to workout again. It is going to be hard in the next couple of weeks and I need some ideas to stay upbeat.

Re: Newlywed Spread....

  • You just have to get back to it. After a week or two it will start to form a new habit and be easier.

    I was acutely aware that after weddings people tend to go lax on their diet and exercise routines so I made sure to keep at it and not break the good habits I had already formed. It's a challenge when you no longer have the wedding dress as motivation, but you have to find a new motivation that will keep you going long-term. For me it's my health and wanting to be able to walk when I'm 50.


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  • I feel like I read somewhere that the average is something like 7-15lbs that people gain during their first year of marriage.

    I'm sure if you just get back to your normal routine of eating/exercise that you had prior to the diet, your body will get back to normal too. GL

  • We got married 6 months ago too and during the honeymoon we kind of let ourselves go and put on a bit.  We have started working out together and make a point to cook and eat dinner together (even though our schedules aren't always compatible)  so we can encourage each other.  I know if I was doing this alone I would fall off the wagon immediately.  Sex is better since we started being healthy again, if that's any encouragement! 
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  • Oh boy can I relate! I too gained about 20 lbs since my September wedding. I have already lost a couple but it has been hard gaining the motivation. I feel as if the winter weather makes it that much harder to get out of bed in the mornings. Just try to remember that before you only had a few months before you had to fit into your gown, and now you have a lifetime. Build a healthy lifestyle now and benefit for a lifetime! I try to keep at least a 20lb difference between myself and my husband and he is trying to close that gap! So I gotta stay on my toes!
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