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No thyroid problem- so what's my excuse?

I've been gaining wait around my mid section when I normally have a tiny waste. I used to have a bubble but and now I have a sad saggy one.  I used to have lots of voluminous hair and now I have what seems half of it.  I use to just need to nair, now I need to shave everyday (getting laser hair removal for that though). Is it just age or should I go see a doctor? I got my thyroid checked but results were normal. I though that was going to be the answer to my problems. Darn.  Just wondering if it is simply age. Im ony 31 though!!! :(  I didn't think that was old.

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Re: No thyroid problem- so what's my excuse?

  • I just turned 30 and started seeing all the same problems.  It was instant... turn 30 and my body started to sag and puff.  It sucks. I'm now training for a 1/2 marathon, I'll let you know if that helps. 

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  • You can still present thyroid symptoms and be in the normal range.  You should definitely talk to a doctor.


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  • image RevJen:
    You can still present thyroid symptoms and be in the normal range.  You should definitely talk to a doctor.

    Yep this. Also, are you tracking your food intake? Sometimes we underestimate the amount of calories that we are actually eating on an every day basis. I would track your calories for a week along with your exercise to see if you can pin point some spots in your diet that may help. Also, do you have hormone issues? Maybe you might be battling PCOS? Have you been stressed lately? 

  • It definitely sounds like it could be hormonal.  Do you exercise regularly?
  • I just noticed your ticker and your baby is not that old. It could be hormonal, body after pregnancy and being a new mom.
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