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Raw Food Diet

Anyone here on the raw food diet? My husband and I are getting ready for a fourteen day detox and then we are planning on starting the raw food diet. We don't want to be extremely strict with it, but we want to use it as a guideline for our meal choices. Anyone here have any tips or recipes to share? 

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Re: Raw Food Diet

  • Raw food diets are AMAZING! I pretty much live on all raw foods in the spring and summer.. when it's cold I tend to do a lot of soups and cooked grains.

     Here are some web sites that I love - they helped me out when I first started eating raw several years back...

    Kristen Raw
    Raw Food Life
    The Best of Raw Food
    Ani Phyo - love her!

  • I don't believe in the whole "cleanse" or "detox" idea. Your liver does that on it's own and doesn't need your help other than you treating it well. 

    But I am a rawist vegan and love it.

    Thrive foods is a phenominal book that goes into great detail in lam en's terms to understand why it's so important for our bodies and for the environment. 

  • Hi kdjudd:

    The raw food diet is based on the belief that the most healthful food for the body is uncooked. Research suggests that raw food dieters tend to eat fewer calories and weigh less than other types of dieters. Some raw beans can be eaten after they have been soaked and sprouted, but others are considered unsafe to eat, such as kidney beans, soy beans, and fava beans. Other foods that are avoided include:

    Buckwheat greens, Mushrooms, Peas, Potatoes,Rhubarb leaves, Taro, Cassava and cassava flour, Parsnips.

    Good Luck!


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  • Raw food diet is a good nutritional diet plan. You should take this diet plan for your cholesterol control, and fat burning. 

    In this diet plan you can take fresh fruits, raw vegetables, whole grains and nuts etc. this diet plan will be helpful for your weight loss.

  • Raw food diet pertains to eating veggies and fruits raw. Eating them raw is more nutritious since you would get all of the vitamins and minerals that could be destroyed by heat when you cook them.
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