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Cooking Themed Bridal Shower

I am throwing a bridal shower for a co worker.  There isn't really a theme for her wedding other than the color blue.  Another friend who I don't know asked if she wanted to do a pampered chef party as part of the shower.  We agreed to incorporate the ideas together.  I have some ideas for decorations but they will be plain and simple, flowers candles....  I was thinking about doing a wooden spoon and a recipe card attached to each one for a favor.  I thought about doing mimosas as a drink but its on a Friday at 6pm and mimosas are more of a morning thing. Maybe a couple bottles of wine? It will be mostly teachers at this party if that helps at all.

 Pampered Chef lady will have some food, but I thought about getting a few other snacks and cupcakes/cake.

  Any other great ideas out there?  We are both from out of state so she doesn't have many friends or hardly any family around, so I want to make it special for her.

Re: Cooking Themed Bridal Shower

  • By "Pampered Chef party," do you mean a typical sales party?  Where this other lady will be making money at your friend's shower?  If you do, I think that other lady must be the tackiest person alive in this country to suggest such a thing.  Do you feel comfortable telling her that a sales party isn't appropriate?  I dunno, maybe it's no big deal in your circle, but I'd about die if my shower or if I went to a shower that was a sales party.

    I do think a cooking theme is a great idea.  Would you want to make it specifically a stock-the-kitchen shower, where all the guests bring kitchen gifts?  There are lots of great invitations available. 

    Mimosas are kind of brunchy; a mix of white and red wine would be good. 

    I would change the time or make it perfectly clear that you're not serving dinner.  6pm is dinnertime, so move it earlier or later if you can; if you can't, make sure to put on the invitation that apps and drinks will be served so that people don't bring an appetite.

    Where is this going to be held?  Will you have access to a kitchen?  I just had to throw a party OOT and pulled it off really well with dressed-up store-bought deli trays.  You could do cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, artichoke dip, a cookie tray.

    The wooden spoon is a cute favor gift.  Will the recipe card have the bride's favorite recipe on it?

  • I've heard of these before. If the bride loves a certain product, such as pampered chef then you have a party & she picks out a list of items that she likes before the party or at the party (before would be better) and basically it's like a registry and people can buy things for the bride off that list & for themselves also. If she can do it ahead of time & you can get it to the guests or make it available to send it if they would like to see what she picked out for prices, that would be great.

    Since there parties are usually time sensative, see if there are dishes or receipes from their cookbooks that the pamphered chef person could give you in advance to prepare & maybe she would also be willing to loan you dishes to use. Talk to her if they have any sample things or if she can give you a deal on giving out seasoning packets they offer.

    I would make sure to have drinks & food for the women to hang out afterwards and maybe you can pre-make some cards out for the guests to fill out saying their name & what their gift to her is & put them in envelopes. Then she can open the envelopes along with any other gifts people may have brought (for those that didn't want to get her a pamphered chef gift).

  • Please don't take this the wrong way and I'm not trying to be rude or insensitive but I just think the whole Pampered Chef/shower idea is a little tacky.  If I were a guest, I'd feel uncomfortable and feel like I was obligated to buy something even if I wanted to give the bride something else instead.  I know I personally don't even like Pampered Chef products.  I've tried several and was not impressed and feel that they are overpriced for the quality.  But again, that's my personal preference. 

    If you wanted to go with a kitchen theme, I'd do as a PP stated and just do a "stock the kitchen" type shower and let guests bring whatever gifts they wanted.  The whole Pampered Chef thing just makes it seem like the focus is on the sales consultant instead of on the bride-to-be as a shower should be.  Just my personal opinion and as I said, I hope you don't take offense.


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