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Labs are in and quick ?

Mostly everything came back good. I have an elevated DHEA level so will be going in for a pelvic ultrasound next Friday to possibly confirm PCOS and to take a better look at ovaries. What can I expect for a pelvic ultrasound? I never had one. Did they tell you what they found right then or is this another wait and see thing? Sorry about no paragraphs. The Nest is sucking again....



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Re: Labs are in and quick ?

  • The tech usually won't be able to tell you anything as they are doing it, but they often go check with the radiologist (or someone who has the authority to "diagnose"), who will then report back any findings to you. 

    I've always then had a followup call/visit with the doctor that ordered the u/s.   

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  • Thanks! That makes sense. I am actually pretty nervous about this... : (



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  • They're no big deal. Really, Awkward the first time but they're painless for the most part. Basically they lube up the wand and insert it. It's a little weird, but doesn't hurt. Then they just move it around from side to side to get a better view of everything. Sometimes it can pinch if your ovaries are hiding and they have to really press to view them, but it's not bad. Just tell them to go slowly when moving from one side to the other. That's the only time it feels weird to me. Still, painless almost every single time. I promise, they're no biggie!

    They always tell me what they see right then.. you can kinda see it all anyway. I hope you get good news! GL!

    ETA: I should add that I've always known pretty much exactly what they were looking for in my ultrasounds so that could be why they tell me what they see. They have always talked me through it. Even then one time I went to a normal clinic for an internal due to ongoing pain, she kind of walked me through it. Radiologist still looked at it for the diagnosis, but I at least knew what the tech was looking at. Maybe I just got a tech in a good mood though!

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  • You will have take off all your clothes from the waist down. I always keep on my socks. Then a tech or doctor (depending on your practice) will insert a lubed up wand with a condom on it. I've had a couple. Some I hardly felt, others hurt a little bit. I think it depends on the position of your ovaries or something. It was anything terrible, but just a pinching, wincing. If a tech does it, she might be able to tell you basics, but then you will need to speak to a doctor. I always did a phone consult. Good luck - it's not that bad at all!
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  • It's a little awkward the first time, especially if they ask if you want to insert it yourself but it's not bad at all.  It can be very slightly uncomfortable as the move from side to side but not painful.  I've always been told as they're doing it what they see, although I'll usually get a call from my nurse later on after the doctor looks at the images.  You can usually see the same thing they can as well on a smaller screen.

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  • Don't be nervous. Mine was painless and less awkward than a pap smear. It feels weird, especially when they pushed past my bladder, but didn't hurt at all. The tech didn't tell me anything while she was doing it; I had to wait until my follow-up doctor's visit.

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  • Thanks for all the replies. I am definitly not as nervous for the ultrasound as I am for the results. Seriously...TTC sucks.



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