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Choosing carpet color... Where to start?

We unexpectedly need to replace the carpet in our house, like... now. We planned on doing it in a few years, but my poor dog got very sick over a period of three days, and let's just say the carpet cannot be salvaged. We are having company for Christmas, so we need to replace it ASAP. I am NOT good at making quick decisions... I still have empty walls and have been in this house three years! This board and Pinterest has helped a lot, but I don't know where to start with carpet. I'm drawn to dark colors, but our carpet (and wall colors, decor) is built around our existing light beige carpet. We have medium grey walls, and I'm not sure how that will look with dark carpet. Do I go with the darker carpet and just repaint? Is there a website I haven't found that has carpet/wall color combos? I'm having a hard time visualizing. Suggestions?

Re: Choosing carpet color... Where to start?

  • IMO, some variation on beige/tan is the only appropriate color for wall-to-wall.  Go to the store and either bring home samples or ask if they'll check out the sample board to you (you generally put down a deposit and they give it back to you when you bring back the board).  Find whichever beige/tan sample goes best with your wall color.

    DO NOT install gray wall-to-wall.  Gray is the hunter green/maroon of the 2010s.  And it'll make your home seem as cold as ice.

  • You can always paint your walls, whenever you have extra time. I would choose a color carpet that can last thru some wear and tear, especially having a dog in the house. :) Usually some sort of beige tan medium brown tint of some sort works best. Those carpets with a few tones may work best. They are easy to hide stains and you don't have to stick to one basic exact color. Try out a few samples and see what you like best. Good luck. Decorating can be so fun to make your home a reflection of your style and who you are.
  • I would stick with beige carpet again, but consider some darker area rugs to add interest to the rooms!
  • Carpet and Rugs are good for making home renovation, because the changing of colors give a new look to our homes..



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