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is it possible

that my hormonal birth control is just now starting to cause side effects after 9 years? Ive been on nuvaring for 9 years and have never been on anything else. I LOVE nuvaring and never had issues. But the last few months my sex drive has disappeared. FI is very supportive, we dont have any crazy issues going on at home, we are doing great is every aspect, Im still attracted to him and all that, I just dont know what happened?! Could it be that as time went on and my hormones have changed with age that I am no longer in sync with this birth control? I WANT to want to have sex, but I just dont right now and i hate it, its so to the point I want to cry because i feel so bad.  Im hoping others can tell me if they have had the same issues.

Id rather not take the pill, but I will if I have to. Id also be willing to get an IUD but I dont think id be able to because I dont have any children, so I am not a good candidate. My insurance carrier switches Jan. 1 so I am kinda in between doctors. I am going to try to see my current OBGYN soon, try a new method, and follow up with the new doctor. I would just wait until Jan 1 and deal with the same person but I really dont want to wait any longer.

Re: is it possible

  • Hormones change as we age so, yes hormonal BC COULD cause sex drve issues. I was on BCP's for 15 yrs and never had sex drive issues so that's why I say could. I did start having other issues so I had to go off the pill.

    I now have the paragard iud and I DO NOT have kids. So you can in fact get an iud if you don't have kids. Some Dr just don't want to do it. Find one who does if an iud is what you want. 

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  • thats good to know!! I was told I wasnt a candidate, i think by my current doctor. Im so happy I am going back to my old OB, this new one sucks. She blows me off and never listens to my concerns. I remember I was having pain during sex and she told me it was all in my head. I suffered for months and didnt want to have sex then, when i went back and told her "no....something is wrong" she discovered I had some crazy laceration. So combine that, with the already low is not at the top of my priority list. Im trying to get in to see her now to change my BC but my hopes arent very high that she will really take me seriously.

    Im going to do some research on the IUD, im a little afraid to get one because I dont want to have complications getting pregnant later, im extremely paranoid lol.  I do plan on getting pregnant in the next couple of years, so I wonder if the IUD would be good for me until then.  I love that there are no periods with it!
  • Dunno if this helps but I had been on the same pill for a little over a year and started spotting, and had to change.
  • While I've never been on Nuvaring, I was on Microgynon (BC 21 day pill) for several years. After DH and I got married I began getting terrible mood swings, irregular periods, cramps and my sex drive plummetted. We'd been having sex 5-6 times a week, at this point I had to force myself to do it 1-2 times a month. I came off it because we decided we'd not prevent anymore. DH was very supportive about that and I feel much better without it. I'd definitely talk to your doctor about changing to something else.
  • Just chiming in to ditto what the others have said. About ten years ago, I used NuvaRing with no issues--I loved it. I took a long break from birth control, had two children, then tried the NuvaRing again. I couldn't believe the difference. I felt like I was losing my mind. (After that, I abandoned hormonal BC completely and DH had a vasectomy.) 

    I wrote this! 
  • thank you so much for all of your help ladies. I asked the doctor and she said it is possible to see changes in the BC and how is effects you as you age. Because of all this, Im afraid of any hormonal BC now, I really want this to end. my poor FI must feel so terrible and defeated and I hate making him feel this way. After reading about the IUD and how it is inserted I dont know if I could do it. Ive read that its safe for women with no kids and that it can cause scar tissue which can cause you to have a hard time to get pregnant, plus Id like to get pregnant within the next couple of years. Id rather not take my chances you know?

    I usually skip my period with the nuvaring, but the last time I took it out to have a cycle I noticed my sex drive was more than it had been lately. i HOPE that changing to a lower dose BC will help me.
  • If you look into the IUD consider MIrena. YOu don't have to have children. It allows you to have no periods, reliable BC and lasts for 5 years. 
  • I've been on the pill for 12 years ... and I have also recently had issues with my sex drive.  I enjoy sex but not as much as I used to.  DH is very supportive and I appreciate that, but I want to get this figured out so we can go back to the happy sex life we've enjoyed for years.  My Doctor suggested that I try going off the pill.  It's been a couple weeks now and I haven't noticed any major changes yet, but my Doc also said that's normal.  

    DH and I don't have kids yet, but we want to within the next few years.  I realized that I have been on the pill longer than I've been off it.  

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