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WTF Wednesday

WTF work - still no heat and now I think I'm getting sick. 

WTF H - when I'm reminding you to do things, I'm not "barking out orders".  "Hey babe, did you get the paint for the drywallers out of the garage?"  isn't barking orders - don't worry I got it this morning - kthanks. 

Eliza Mae - September 16th, 2014

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Re: WTF Wednesday

  • WTF cold! you were getting better why does my throat hurt so badly and my chest feel heavy today?! I have a baby shower to go to on Saturday and I cannot go if I have this cold:(
  • WTF IT guy.  Every computer here has an extremely intelligent and adaptable Trojan worm, and you just say "Meh... the scans are catching it."  NO THEY'RE NOT.  It looks like they're catching it, but there's a back flipping door and it gets back in.  ARGLE BARGLE. 

    WTF Self. Stop overreacting, feeling sorry for yourself, and assuming the worst about everything.

    WTF People I am sending things to.  It's really hard being the second choice every time.  And it would be nice if for a change I wouldn't be the second choice.  Because I don't deserve to be the second choice.  

    WTF Qakbot virus.  You are an a-hole.  

  • WTF work - is my proposal approved or not? We need to plan things and you told me that you'd have a decision for me two weeks ago.

    WTF self - stop being such a miserable whore. 

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  • WTF unprepared CW?  Why did you even come to the meeting if you had absolutely nothing relevant to contribute?  My time is precious and I don't appreciate it being wasted by your pointless ramblings.
  • WTF employee - why do you need to be so evil? You would be so more productive if you stopped looking for ways to beat the system and just did your job.
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