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Vegetarian meals

I don't post much over here, but I'm hoping someone can give me some ideas. Over the last 6 or so months I've been pretty turned off by meat, and I'm considering becoming a vegetarian. I'm not a huge fan of tofu unfortunately, so I'm not really sure what foods to eat that replaces the benefits of chicken/beef etc!

Any suggestions would be appreciated! TIA :)



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Re: Vegetarian meals

  • I don't like tofu either!  I have always found that beans are an excellent source of protein when not having meat.  My husband and I found a bunch of vegetarian recipes when we decided to cut meat out for health reasons.  Try searching for vegetarian quesadillas and fajita recipes as an easy starter.  Also, if you look online for some thai or indian recipes (if you feel daring enough lol), you will find some yummy tofu free examples.  Happy cooking!! :)
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  • Eggplant is usually used in Italian dishes in replacement of meat.  Would you eat fish? Pescatatian?  Sorry about the horrible spelling.  Some fish are rich in protein.

  • Thanks Millie! I've started looking and found quite recipes that look delicous :)


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  • image jjbmstinco:
    Eggplant is usually used in Italian dishes in replacement of meat.  Would you eat fish? Pescatatian?  Sorry about the horrible spelling.  Some fish are rich in protein.

    Sorry! You must have responded as I was :) Unfortunately, all fish turns me off too... Dairy I could do though, so I think I'll up my greek yogurt, veggies and beans. From what I have read now, that should be plenty ok!



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  • I've been going veggie for more variety, here are some ideas that work for my family.

     Eggplant Parmesan (bread and fry the eggplant before covering with the sauce, delicious!  My kids ask for seconds).  All recipes.com has  great recipes.

    Breakfast.  We make whole wheat pancakes with syrup, scrambled and hard boiled eggs and fruit.  

    Bean burritos.  Anything can go in these.  Grilled veggies, sour cream, salsa.

    Black Bean and Corn quesadillas, I bake them instead of frying them because it's a bit messy to flip with the tiny ingredients!

    Felafel.  This are very easy and so cheap!  A can of beans, an onion, spices, roll them in small balls and fry.  I serve with plain yogurt, delish.  

    Veggie chili, great, omit chili spice if serving to the kids :-)  

    One more, haven't tried it but it looks good:  Rellenos



  • And sorry, to clarify we do breakfast for dinner!  The kids love it and it's a really easy dinner for us to whip up.
  • Beans! I love chickpeas and lentils. Also, portobello mushrooms make awesome pseudo-burgers :)
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  • feta and spinach scramble is great! its fast and easy to prepare, and its simply delicious! i used two egg whites, 1 yolk,  a dash of garlic, a pinch of salt and pepper, spinach, tomatoes.. and cheese! you can add mushrooms if you want.. :)
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