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Help with jumping

We have a 5 month old puppy who we have to keep in a pen or crated because he broke his leg jumping in his crate. He is out of the cast but is still supposed to have limited activity for the next 3 weeks. Without the cast on, he is back to jumping. We try giving the sit command or ignoring him. He will stop momentarily until he get his treat but then resumes jumping. I know part of this is probably because he  needs more exercise but he is only allowed 3 to 5,  5 minute walks each day. Any suggestion on how to get him to stop? We don't want him to re-injure the leg or break another.  Thanks!

Re: Help with jumping

  • I'd do a lot of mental stimulation such as training or mental games.  You can work on series of commands and constantly mixing them up.  Working on stay and working up to longer and longer stays.  Stuff like that can really tire a puppy out. 

    There are food puzzles as well or you can use his food to do things like play the shell game.  I did this with Lily using coffee mugs.  She had to really think and work to find the food.  Took time, but helped. 

    How did you pup break his leg jumping in the crate?  How big is crate and how big is pup?  That's not judgey, I'm just really curious.
  • Thanks for the advise! I will definitely try some more mental stimulation.

    Our puppy is currently 4 pounds and he broke his leg about a month ago. I think he was at about 2.5 pounds when it happened. The vet thinks he will be about 8-10 pounds full grown.  We aren't sure what breed he is. He looks a little like a schnauzer but is much smaller than most mini schnauzers.  (I put a picture below, let me know what breed you think.) We had a medium sized crate for him. It is much too big for him so we put in a partition which had enough room for a bed and maybe a little more. The problem is that it is really tall so even with limited space he could stand up on his hind legs and jump. We weren't home when it happened but since we have seen him jumping in the crate we think that is what happened. The vet thinks he was jumping and his leg slipped between the bars. He freaked out and banged his leg out resulting in the break.

    I researched and read that we should make sure the crate was only big enough for him to lay down and turn around in but never gave any thought to the height of the crate being a problem. Huge mistake!  We have since bought him one of those plastic airline crates that he can only stand up, lay down and turn around in. Which works perfectly, but of course he can't be in that all the time.  I was surprised that the smaller wire crates still have the enough space for his legs to fit through the bars. Since I am not sure if he got it caught or it was from jumping we decided better safe than sorry.



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