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Toilet training cat?

Okay, I know it sort of sounds ridiculous and it always makes me think of Meet the Fockers, :)  but I know it's actually possible to toilet train cats. Has anyone out there done it or tried it?  Is it worth it? Do you have to flush the toilet each time after they go, or will they go again if there's something still in the toilet (just thinking about when we're out during the day and aren't there to flush for them) Will they still use a litter box as well or would they just use the toilet exclusively? Would appreciate any advice!

Re: Toilet training cat?

  • I tried this with our cat. She's pretty adaptable, so I skipped all the preliminary steps of moving the litter box an inch closer to the bathroom every week. She did great with every change as I raised the box and as I put the box on the toilet seat. She couldn't deal with the transition from box to seat, though.

    I haven't tried since, and that was probably February. I might try again soon... I really like the idea of getting her to do that if she's comfortable with it (H hates cleaning litter and we're hoping to be pregnant soon) but maybe not.

    Everything I read said don't teach them how to flush the toilet themselves or they'll do it all day and all night for fun.

  • I had a friend who successfully toilet trained her cat. She regretted it since she only had one toilet in her apartment and had to fight her cat for it in the middle of the night.
  • Our kitty is staying with her foster family until we get married and can have her in our new place. We plan on trying it with her though. There is a kit called City Kitty and it is supposed to be very has a much higher success rate over anything else. I say go for it!
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