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Moth problems

I noticed that I had moths in my closet recently since they ate some of my coat and part of a scarf.

How do I get rid of them without resorting to moth balls which have a terrible odor.  I have a lot of clothes and blankets in the closet where I found the moths.  Do I have to resort to individually treating all my clothes and blankets?  Can I just place cedar chips and/or essential oils in the closet and call it a day? Thanks!

Re: Moth problems

  • i think you need to clean out hte entire closet. Wash down the walls and clean the floors. Check all the clothing for moths. Then put some cedar chips or the cedar hangers in the closet.

    let them sit for a day or so. Then neatly got hrough everything (good chance to clean out hte closet) and put everything back in. Hopefully this will help.


  • The moth larvae is what causes moth damage, not necessary the insects that you see flying around your house. Once moth larvae has attacked your clothing, you must first clean the items. After cleaning the damage may be more noticeable; many of which can be re-weaved. The most susceptible garments to moths are those made of wool, silk, cotton and linen. Moths are drawn to dark, cozy places and detect body odors and food stains. The best way to avoid moth damage is to ensure clothing items are fully cleaned before storing. Cedar closets are also a great investment if items will be stored long-term.

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