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Hiding DVD/VCR components?

We just bough a house (yay!) and I am trying to find the best way to do the DVD and VCR, etc.  The house has a fireplace and the previous owners had the tv above it. To conceal all the wires and components they had a hole in the wall that they strung all the wires for DVD, cable box etc, then the actual boxes sat on the other side of the wall on a shelf (in the laundry room).  Obviously they had some sort of device that communicated with the boxes, so that using the remote in the living room actually changed the channel or hit play/pause/etc on the box in the other room. What sort of device might this have been, and where would I find one?

Re: Hiding DVD/VCR components?

  • At least they left the wiring in place(hopefully),,so you should be in good shape.  The previous owners may have had any number of products that could have controlled the DVD/VCR and or other components.  Determining what you would need will depend on what type of wire and how many of them there are between the fireplace and the laundry room shelf.  The most basic of systems is called an infrared repeater type of system.  Basically there is a sensor which sticks to the frame of the tv which then sends the commands from your remote control to the equipment in the other room.  For this system to work there must be a minimum of a 3 conductor wire,,typically a wire that resembles a phone line.  

    A more advanced system would be an rf system which uses an all in one remote control which communicates via rf to a base station which is located in the laundry room.  

    Knowing what you have to work with will determine which system would be best for you.


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