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It isnt just one room.

edited September 2013 in Cleaning & Organizing

Re: It isnt just one room.

  • I am a little confused. Did you go back to a house you weren't living in with him, or did you move out for a bit and move back in? 

    Either way, wash all the clothes and put them away. If he is still there (I'm assuming) and throws clothes all over, tell him anything on the floor goes in the trash. It goes in the hamper, or the drawer/closet. Other than that...trash. It's harsh, but my dad did it to me once. It worked.

    As far as garbage, bag that up and throw it away. That means take it out yourself. If what you're saying is that you moved back in with him, you moved back in with someone who isn't going to take the trash out. You must have known that. Honestly, I don't see the big deal. I take the trash out sometimes, DH takes it out sometimes. No big deal, just needs to go OUT!  

  • I moved out for a few months and then moved back in. I'm going to have to throw away everything he owns. Seriously, everything is in the floor. 
  • Maybe I'm just too OCD but I couldn't handle that.  Give him a deadline, like ie by next Sunday morning whatever doesn't get out away gets thrown away,  create a chore chart to know who is supposed to do what.


    If he is really that lazy and refuses to help out, I would reconsider my living arrangements until he proves he knows how to act like a grownup, 

  • I've had this problem- similar situation my fiance and I were living in the same house until 9 months after baby, then out he went (Our son, who is 2 now, and I are moving into a new place in a month actually, so I'm about to post about "OMG HELP ME!!!" about moving, decorating, and basically every subject over to the left lol)- He now lives with us basically part-time- he has closet and bathroom areas for a few things, like "trial period" of sorts. He completely took me cleaning for granted also.

    Clothes: I made a pile. Literally. If he threw things in the floor (I still do this, but it's rare for him to be careless now :) ) I would toss it into a pile on HIS side of the bed (His side was out of view from the door, if your room doesn't allow for this choose a corner you can't see from the door). So when he needed his work shirts, or anything he was looking for, and would ask me where they were (bc a uterus doubles as a homing device- some phenomenon of somehow WE know where all things are including Jimmy and I would ask: "Did you put it in the hamper/dry cleaning bag?" Answer was of course no, response: "Then it's probably in that giant pile over there. I don't know to wash it and hang it up, darling, if it doesn't go in the hamper..." in my most neutral voice.

    Sounds super B%^&^y. Yeah, it is. So is leaving a trail everywhere you go or not taking 3 seconds to toss something in a hamper. You have one child, you didn't give birth to twins. And marriage/together does not equal live in slave. 

    I think everyone has been there in one way or another if you have a partner that isn't any kind of orderly by nature, or if you both aren't and you feed each others messiness... or if there's umm.... trouble in paradise. I hope you and your partner get something worked out that can satisfy you both :)

    Much Love! 

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