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Baby Bucket List


Re: Baby Bucket List

  • - House

    - Some money put away for rainy days

    - go somewhere we have never been.


    We are on a 1 year plan. We've been wanting kids for awhile but we just got married so we decided to wait a year to talk about kids. Embracing the alone time Wink 

  • I love this! Ours is a 5 year goal

    Get Married (check)

    Buy a single family home with a backyard

    Buy a boat

    Pay of all debt including as much of the house loan as possible

    Go to Vegas with good couple friends

     Have a rock solid relationship and agree on baby raising decisions 

  • Graduate college: check

    Have a place to live: (in August!)

    Get married: (in September)

    I'm 25 now and I don't want to be an "old" mom for personal reasons so everything we plan starting in September, we plan with a baby in mind. Comic Con in Seattle! Harry Potter in Orlando! Germany, Ireland, River cruise. We're family people and we have a huge support system so I think we'll be ok. 

  • A Baby Bucket List is a must for us!

    The things we would still like to accomplish:

    Pay off my student loans

    I would like to lose 30 pounds or so and generally get healthier

    Finish my Masters

    DH finish his degree

    DH and I decide if we want to get out of the military or if he's going to be a lifer

    Travel to Jamaica and Ireland 

    Go on a cruise

    1. Get Married (check)
    2. Buy a House (check)
    3. Decorate/Update/Upgrade House (ongoing process)
    4. Travel (England, Scotland, Italy, Japan, China - not all before we have a child, but most!)
    5. Get a puppy/dog
    6. Have 6 Months of Pay in Savings (basically be financially ready and still have some emergency money)
  • srgwsrgw member
    1000 Comments Third Anniversary 5 Love Its Combo Breaker
    Get married (check)

    Have steady job me (check)

    Have steady job H (check & he's looking for a better opportunity)

    Pay off car (check)

    Move closer to our jobs (this coming spring/summer)

    Paying off H's SLs isn't going to happen before baby and neither is a house. I'm ok with that though. We plan to TTC next summer/early fall. :-D

  • Mine is pretty easy:

    - Save up for house dp and buy said house.
    - H needs to take 3 more classes to complete is Bachelors.

    Hoping to have both of these done by this time next year. Here's to hoping!
  • Mine is pretty easy:

    - Save up for house dp and buy said house.
    - H needs to take 3 more classes to complete is Bachelors.

    Hoping to have both of these done by this time next year. Here's to hoping!
  • SmrBrd2012SmrBrd2012 member
    100 Comments Second Anniversary 25 Love Its Name Dropper
    edited August 2013
    Oh geez, accidentally posted a few times and I have no idea how to delete. :/
  • Sell our condo and buy a home (been on the market over 6 months!! ugh)

    set up the house and make it our own (hopefully move before it gets cold out)

    go to Disney world (Oct 2014)

    Pay off my car

    Pay off student loans

  • DH and I are not planning on having kids, and after reading through this post, I guess it could be because we have too many things on our baby bucket list, lol.  If we had a list, here's what it would look like:

    1.Be married (check)

    2.Own a home (check) except if we had a child, we would want to get a larger home, because this one is pretty full with the two of us and the two dogs, so....

    3.Buy a bigger house

    4.Have stable jobs/careers (check)

    5.Be maxing out retirement accounts

    6.Have DH's student loans paid off

    7.Finish all of our large home improvement projects--build a porch, build a deck, finish the addition over the garage, install sprinkler system, do landscaping, remodel the kitchen....this is a never ending list

    8.Increase our emergency fund

    9.Travel to Europe, esp. Ireland

    10.Have a plan for child care--actually, if we had kids, I would really want to be able to stay home with them, but that would not be a possibility

    11.Spend more time with babies/very young children

    12.Take a parenting class

    13.Learn how to not be grossed out by bodily fluids

    14.Finish bachelor's degree

    15.H would have to be willing to give up some of his hunting time

    16.Hire a housekeeper (I'm so serious!)


  • We're working on an approximately 8-year plan:

    Get married (check)
    Buy a single family home (and renovate if necessary)
    Own an income property (check sort of...we're living in it until we buy the single family)
    Stable employment for me (check)
    A business for DH
    See more of the world (specifically the rest of Canada, return to Newfoundland, a trip or 2 to Europe, and one to South America)
    Pay off our cars and be consumer debt free
    Life is good today.
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