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Motivation Monday.....

Rather than complain about Monday and keep venting about why Im so stressed lately I figured Id try to solicit some positive energy out there....anyone care to share some stories about something really difficult they overcame (even though at the time they thought they'd never get through it?...)  Ive been in the dumps and want to come out stronger than Im trying to draw on my own personal triumphs as well as others.  Felt like if we all put it out there we can start our week on the right foot....


Here's mine...years and years ago I had a breakup I really didn't think Id survive, the most colossal of heartbreaks...but..I made it through to the other side and took a huge leap to give back, I went to Central America with Habitat for Humanity (totally by myself, didn't know a soul) to volunteer-very outside my "comfort zone".  Now I'm married to the best guy ever....and even though Im feeling lousy for other reasons I know things will get better, just having a hard time getting there....


Anyone else care to put out some positive vibes?

Re: Motivation Monday.....

  • Well today is tuesday...

    But I won't bore you with my entire life story....

    Currently, I am searching for work...That is really tough!  But my huge I went through a divorce in 2011 and back surgery at the same time.  I was a size 28W when I left my ex husband.  The marriage was so depressing, then to be laid up on the couch with a back injury.  Someone, yelling at you telling you nothing is wrong with you!  All he did was go to work.  I cleaned the house, cooked, did yard work, and took care of him and my son.

    In 2011, after my surgery...I got off that couch...worse thing you can do, is lay on the couch with a back injury.  I walked every day...then I changed my eating habits!  I am now a size 12-14.  I am still shrinking!!!!!  I met a wonderful man!  He is a single father!  He has told me that I am beautiful!  He understands my health problems from the accident(s).  He gives me encouragement to go on everyday!  When I wake up in the morning, my body actually begs to goto the gym!!!!  I hated exercise before!  Now I go everyday!  I take one or two days be with my honey!!  :)

  • I also forgot to mention that when I was with my ex husband...I worked a fulltime job too!  Until I got into that car doctor took me off work! 
  • When I was in art school, they had reviews you had to go through and pass to move on to the next level. For my junior level review, I failed and my professor told me I should quit and do something else.

     Instead of quitting, I retook two classes that were my "trouble" areas and now the things that led to my failure the first time around are some of my strongest areas. I passed my review the second time and went on to pass my senior review and graduate with a bachelor of fine arts.

    I now have a job in my desired career field and ironically enough it's the same job with the same company that the professor who told me to quit USED to have before he became a professor! That makes me happy every single day :)


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