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Christmas gift ideas

We're giving the kids on my husband's side of the family gift cards for Christmas this year.  They range in age from 7 to 14 (four boys and two girls).  I don't want to just give them a card with a gift card in it, so I thought I could make up a little gift basket and put the gift card in it.

I just don't know what to put in the basket besides candy that wouldn't be too expensive.  Any ideas?

Re: Christmas gift ideas

  • Perhaps other little things you would otherwise put in a stocking? Little dollar store toys, small books, etc.
  • Scarves - they usually have some for $5 at Walmart

    those knit gloves that are nice to have for busstop or outdoor activities

    puzzles, magazines, hair things for girls, glow bracelets (even for the big kids they love these), mad libs, bouncy balls. hot cocoa and marshmellows, chips or snacks

    CJ :-)
  • If you have the time, and really want to be creative, you could create a scavenger hunt. hand them each their first clue, then have them search for their gift cards. That wouldn't cost you anything but time.

    If you would rather do the basket, I like what PP said about mad libs, bouncy balls, and someone else said scarfs. The Dollar Tree or 99 cent store are great places to get fun, random basket fillers. I don't think you can go wrong with getting a few fun toys and some candy. :)

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  • Saw a cute idea where they took an empty chocolate box and in each of the wrappers they folded or rolled different dollar bills ($1, $5, $10, $20) or they put in quarters, silver dollars.  Pretty cute for money, not really for gift cards though.
  • There are other things that kids love more than from candies. You could buy some toys and sticks and i am sure they are going to love it. As i can read you do not want to spend $$$ on gifts. Try out cool glow website, they have 100 of toys for boys and girls starting from just $1, $3. They are the cheapest and have many varieties too.

    You can spice your basket by adding these toys with cards. Additionaly you can save more by using their promotions.

    Free Shipping And 10% Discount

    These promotions will help you save extras. For the tight budget this is a best option so far i have found.

  • How about theming it to what the gift card is? For example:

    Bookstore card: bookmarks, book plates, smarties candies

    Movie theater: Popcorn, mix cd with movie themes, bottle of soda, movie candy

    Target: red and white things, like candy canes, white chocolate, twizzlers, fuzzy socks, stickers

    Sporting goods store: baseball cards, a little thing from their favorite team, crackerjacks

    Toys R Us: Tiny little toys, candy, maybe a silly photo from you as a kid, novelty candy 

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