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Skipping Period

Hi there--

 I am sure this has been asked before...BUT i am taking a trip with my husband and just realized I'm going to be on my period the whole time (Ugh!) I've heard from different people I can skip the sugar pills and I'll skip my period and just get it next month.

 Has anyone done this? Does it work??

I'm on TriNessa wich is a generic so I'm concerned it won't work...

Thanks for any tips, help and advice!!

Re: Skipping Period

  • I'm on TriNessa too - I did it (skipped the placebo) and it worked just fine. I was totally hesitant about it but relieved to not have a period. Smile Good luck!
  • When I was on BC I used to skip my period for 3 or 4 months at a time (per doctor's advice), so you should be fine with continuing to take your pills and skipping sugar pills. 
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  • When I was on the once-a-month-period pill, I used to do this all the time.  I skipped my period for Christmas one year, I skipped my period for college finals one time, I think there was another time that I was just like "screw this, I don't feel like it," lol.  It should work just fine.

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  • I'm on a generic (Ogestrel). I did it one year for Christmas... I did not want to have my period while we were in Hawaii!! It worked great. I took some products  (pads and tampons) just in case, but I didn't need them :-)
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  • I used to be on Yasmin, now I'm on Ortho Evra, and I've done it both with no problems.

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  • I'll be the oddball here. It never works for me. I have incredibly heavy periods and they always decide to show up even when I try to make them not. Confused The only time I've successfully been able to skip was after two months on Seasonale, which is designed to make you skip. It worked for the entire year I had that prescription. That was heaven!!
  • You should be fine, as others have said. I am on the patch and I skip all the time. I skip one, have one, skip one, etc and have done so for like 3 years now. Never had any problems. You could check the website of the BC company to see what they see about it.
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  • I did it for my honeymoon. I was on generic as well!
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