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Are we screwed?

We just realized that Dh has been getting paid more than he is supposed to. We have an allotment set up to pay his truck payment. After looking at some financial things he noticed that the alloment was getting taken out but not being deducted from his actual pay. So basically he's been getting an extra 170 a month for the last three years.

He wants to go Monday to finance and fix the mistake but he's now terrified of the consequences. It was an honest mistake but what really irritates me is that we've PCSed, added a new bank account, and added a child to his finance paperwork and no one has caught the mistake yet.

I know mistakes happen with pay all the time but I am nervous now about what will happen to him. ANyone been in a similar situation?


PS- I know that this isn't "responsible" and that we should have caught it sooner but sh*t happens so please spare me lectures and finger wagging. I know we've effed up. I'm looking for advice and opinions on our situation please.

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Re: Are we screwed?

  • You need to go to the finance office, especially if you are certain the extra pay has been taken out.  You will unfortunately have to pay it back.  At least, I have never met someone who didn't have to pay back extra pay that wasn't taken out. It happened to us once.  Is there any chance you're doing the math wrong?
  • I would double check the math first.  Then go ahead and point it out to finance.  You will have to pay it back, but they can work out a payment plan with you.  


    I'm not trying to be mean or witchy.  However, I'd like to point out your last statement in your post is really rather rude.  Assuming people are going to be b*thcy to you before you've given anyone a chance is not the right way to go about things and really is just offensive.  You've just set the tone for the post and left a bad taste.   


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  • I do want to apologize for the tone. I knew it was snarky when I wrote it but at the time I was having a mild freak out. I have been a lurker for a long time and know how the 'mothering' can start on many boards not just this one. So I am sorry for putting up the defense shields before getting any replies.

    DH is in ALS so he can't get out to go to finance for a few more weeks. But I do think we are in the wrong. The math seems to be right, it just frustrates me that we've gone so long without noticing. It's an automatic payment for his vehicle so we never thought anything was wrong.

    I knew we'd have to pay it back and I'm hoping that they'll work with us. 3 years of extra pay is a lot to payback.... I just hope they don't want to punish him for it in any way. I think that's what we were both worried about.

    So thank you to both of you who responded and I again want to apologize for the way a prefaced my OP

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  • Even in ALS, with a pay issue, they should let him see finance during down time.  I'd still have him ask.  

    It's an honest mistake.  If he brings it up to them, it's not like he's trying to hide it and get away with it.  They shouldn't punish for it.  


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  • In a perfect world, the finance office would do things the way they're suppose to. haha

    All I have to say, is I'm really sorry. That really sucks this happened and that it's going to be a lot of money because of how long it's been. :-/ Hopefully it all goes over well and that he doesn't get punished. I do know, that they will make you pay it back. Whether it's they deduct the monthly payment from his check, or just set up a different way to pay it back. You will have to pay it back. :( Again, I'm really really sorry! 
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  • Hi,

    New to the boards but a seasoned military wife.  Are you sure it wasn't taken out? That sounds very odd that it was still getting paid. I am really interested to hear how this turned out and I hope you guys made a mistake when you looked at it and not finance so you have nothing to pay back!

    BTW, if it was them...unfortunately it won't be the first..gulp!  They actually separated my hubby from the pay system while he was deployed!  That was a fun one to fix! 

    Good Luck! 


  • Go to finance and point out the mistake. At the same time work out a payment schedule with them. If you chose to ignore it and then they find out. They will take the money from his pay until it is all payed back. Sadly this happened to a very dear friend; they didn't revoke his flight pay after he started his SDA. One month ago they figured it out and he didn't receive a paycheck until it the money had been paid back. He went an entire month without a paycheck. If he would have caught it and worked out a payment schedule it wouldn't have been so drastic.
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