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Birth Control and Appetite

Hi all,

I posted this on TK but thought I might get some better feedback here.

For those of you who are on birth control and have felt hungry because of it, I'm curious as to what that "hunger" feels like... is it just an increased appetite ("I'm not hungry but I could eat anything right now")? Or is it a hunger like "I haven't eaten in two days and I'm STARVING/my stomach is growling even though I had a snack 30 minutes ago" hunger? I'm experiencing the 2nd of the two (not really craving anything, just feeling hungry)... trying to figure out what to attribute it to (whether it's birth control, my varied workout routine lately, etc.) Just curious about other people's experiences... I'm not concerned about it enough to call my doctor yet :) Thanks!

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Re: Birth Control and Appetite

  • I'm not sure if its birth control-related or just cycle-related (because I know people not on the pill that this happens to), but I get pretty hungry the week before my period.  Its kind of in between your two hunger descriptions - I just get hungry more often, and feel hungrier at meal times.  Its not anything to make me gain weight (or at least noticeably), just enough to make me try to remember to grab an extra snack for work that week.
  • I always got really hungry the week before (like PP said). For me it ranged between - I can't get enough/just noticed more munching and bigger plates. To determine that your actually hungry..try drinking a large class of water and wait 15-20 min. If the feeling subsides, it was just thrist, if it doesnt..get a snack :)
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  • When I am on the pill I get hungry but it's more cravings. 

    I've recently started to take a multivitamin and noticed that it has suppressed those cravings. Just an idea :)

  • This happens to me also, especially if I'm not drinking enough water! Try to up your H2O intake and also try taking a vitamin B complex (I suggest with breakfast, not on an empty stomach). Vit B is good for energy and metabolism, might help balance out any influence the hormones from the pill have on your appetite.


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