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I  just got off the phone with J's aunt who I am very close with.  I told her that we couldn't take a vacation this year because we are saving for a house.  She said something like ok, you guys are seriously thinking about staying there.  Ummm ya?  And then she got all sad, depressed, grouchy.  I get that you miss us, but come one.  Isn't there any happiness for us?  I explained that everyone I graduated with pretty much don't have a job in the field.  She was like...what? there are no jobs in in MN?  Again, I applied for 17 jobs in MN.  Got none.  Plus I Love my job. Then she started talking about us having kids and how we won't have family. Yes, I know.  Thank you. 

Sigh...this is hard. Its a no win win situation. 

 Thanks for letting me vent.

Re: Vent

  • I am sorry Jen. I know that conversation must been hard for you. I'm sure it's very hard to be away from family but people do it all the time. In this economy having a job is most important. DH and I are near our family but we don't have full time jobs in our field. It seems like now-a-days you have to pick one or the other, unless you are very lucky to have been hired in your hometown.

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  • Yep... this is the issue. It really is one or the other. I don't think people of the generation older than us understand this, because there were jobs in their hometowns when they were our age. Stand your ground. I wish I did have the courage to move away like you do.
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  • Hopefully she comes around. I think you're smart to stay where your job is. DH and I want to move when I'm done with school but ultimately it will depend on where the jobs are.
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