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Nutrilite supplements- Any feedback pls

Has anyone used or heard about Nutrilite supplements? Are they safe? Do they work? They sound good but sorta sound too good to be true at times. They have vitamins, weight loss stuff -pills, shakes, bars, books, DVDs & etc, energy drinks, & seems like a lot more. But I don't want to use them if they are actually bad for me. I could do some serious damage to my body if I fill it with crap in the name of nutrition.

Also I am TTC so does anyone know if Nutrilite has been known to help or harm the TTC process?

What about Fulton Street Market supplements & medicines are they any good? Anyone know??? 

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Re: Nutrilite supplements- Any feedback pls

  • I don't have any specific information on Nutrilite, sorry, but your post caught my eye.

    What is your overall goal?   are you looking for overall health and nutrition?   Exercise tips?  Weight loss?    

    Its always safest to run past your plans with your OB if you're TTC.   

    I am a Beachbody coach and they have a lot of great work-out products and supplements, but my favorite item is the Shakeology shakes.   They have over 70 nutritious ingredients and it can be a full meal, or a recovery drink after a workout.  For me, its breakfast.      If you'd like to know more on that or your goals, feel free to PM me.    otherwise I hope someone can give you more direction.  


  • my parents have been using the vitamins for as long as i can remember. They've also purchased the bars, which are good. My dad has tried some of the protein powders, but they mainly use vitamins/supplements. The XS energy drinks are good.

    i have never heard anything bad regarding their products. My parents and their friends have used them and amway products for yrs.


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  • Nutrilite products contain the goodness of plant ingredients and the nourishment of selected minerals and vitamins that are necessary for health.

    The Nutrilite brand has had a very good reception with consumers with nearly eighty percent having rated the products that they have used as extremely or very satisfactory in a year 2004 survey. One of the main factors in the rating was the effectiveness as perceived by the consumers.

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  • Thank you everyone for your help. I was wondering if anyone had heard about the product that could tell me about it (which I got. thanx) I'm not exactly looking into it for weightloss but tit seemed that they had several big selling products for that so I mentioned it in hopes it would help bring feedback. 

    Just wondered if it was safe and what the general veiw was on the usage. I'll try the multi out & hope for the best. 

    Thanx again!! 

    I thought love was only real in fairy tales meant for someone else but not for me but then I saw his face now I'M A BELIEVER
  • Hello, 

     I have never heard of Nutrilite but if your looking for a great product I would recommend ViSalus! I have been on this product and have lost 196 pounds and went down 2 pant sizes... My completion has cleared up and my BMI has went down and my muscle mass up!

  • Nutrilite is safe. My husband sells it and we have it on hand at home at all times and take it ourselves. We do the multi-pack and I have started taking the Slimetry line.
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