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Is my cat ruining our marriage? (long)


Re: Is my cat ruining our marriage? (long)

  • image catrb89:

    My 2 cats came before my FI (I've had them since they were 3 months old), and there was no way in hell I'd give them up. He grew up with dogs and really didn't understand cats, but he was willing to learn. My one cat was more standoffish at first and to this day, doesn't get along with him all the time (she's a mommy's girl!). But last winter, when she ate a giant rubberband, he went with me to the emergency vet and footed the bill. He would never suggest that I get rid of her or put her outside. Especially now since he adores them both, no matter how bipolar the one might be.

    If he's really "allergic" like he claims to be, he can man up and get the allergy shots. It honestly does sound like he is lying though.

    Try getting a nice big covered litterbox with a mat, as well as a cat tree.  He should try feeding her and playing with her (maybe a laser pointer or a feather stick thing). If they both associate each other with good/fun things, then they'll end up feeling more comfortable - because it sounds like both your cat and your husband need a little training.



    I'd love to say I agree with you there.  However, my husband is currently getting allergy shots and he has been having some issues between being bombarded by his naturally occurring allergies and the allergy shots he gets weekly.

    My brother-in-law is allergic to cats, and my sister had 2 cats (they got rid of them upon learning their son is highly allergic).  What she did was clean the litterbox often (usually every other day if not every day), clean the house as soon as her husband's allergies starting acting up (especially vacuuming furniture), and tried to keep his clothes away from the cats as much as possible.  If you aren't doing those things, could they possibly help with your husband's relationship with the cat? 

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  • I came across this post because I was searching for info on others in similar situations as I. I'm severely allergic to my wife's cat, but have been dealing with it since we moved in together, which was a couple years ago. I take shots, am on prescription medication, and have multiple inhalers to help. I also landed in the hospital because of a reaction escalating into a full blown asthma attack. To everyone saying stfu and deal with it, put yourself in my shoes. I love my wife more than anything, and have done everything possible to allow for it to live with us. I understand how hard it is to ask someone to give up something like this, and I've become attached to it and love it too. But it's putting a severe strain on our marriage, and I feel there's not much more I can do. Every time we discuss it ends up on me not being able to deal with it. Am I crazy?
  • Your husband is more important than the cat. Rehome the cat. Make the decision together.  Marriage is about oneness, not what he thinks or what you think. 

    It is an will get over it 

    My little girl is growing up! (born 12/09) Little brother is here! (born 5/2012) Thank you Lord for my precious family!
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