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Don't forget to forgive

Forgiveness is a powerful dynamic in human relationships.  Many times people who have been hurt will hang onto the hurt rather than forgive the other person. This lack of forgiveness is an act of power control over the other person. In effect not forgiving them appears to give an upper hand in the relationship as far as psychological control goes.  However, holding on to un forgiveness only hurts the individual and the real control belongs to the person who allows forgiveness to heal the relationship.

Forgiveness is a spiritual principle that causes miracles of healing to occur in relationships.  Like all spiritual laws, forgiveness has supernatural power behind it and many times I've seen wounds healed and relationships rebuilt from the ashes just by applying this basic yet difficult dynamic.  We tend to try to hold control over the other person and remind them how "bad" they are or how much they hurt us.  All the same, forgiveness is a soothing balm and a healing salve, one of the most powerful spiritual laws I can think of is forgiveness.

When the disciples asked Jesus how many times should they forgive he replied "seventy times seven". This was on par with saying "you forgive forever" Yes and even when He was put on the cross and was dying the most horrible death Jesus prayed "father forgive them, for they know not what they do."

As I have grown and learned about spiritual principles and spiritual laws I understand the benefits and empowerment behind them I and realize the powerful aspect of forgiveness to make me a more whole and better person. As I have applied the spiritual law of forgiveness to my life with others I begin to understand that my failures and short-comings as a man (even though I am getting better) are so far out of pure righteousness that I am very thankful for the forgiveness factor given to me at the cross.  This forgiveness allows me to boldly- through the spiritual law set forth-approach the throne of God.  His forgiveness is total and complete and therefore I must forgive others. Too, the spiritual law states that if I don't forgive others then God will not offer forgiveness to me.

You will be a better, more joyful and healthier person if you allow forgiveness to be a component in your life. Science has actually shown that people who hold grudges and non forgiveness towards others have more health problems.  I encourage you to start applying forgiveness in your relationships even if the affront is seemingly unforgivable. This dynamic is hard yet basic and yields huge benefits to all who apply it.  To err is human, to forgive is blessing to those who erred.  Forgiveness is a miracle, use it.

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Re: Don't forget to forgive

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