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Second Showings... selling and need advice

Our house has been on the market for 8 weeks, when we put a bid in on another home.  We lowered our price last week, and now we have two prospective buyers, which isn't common in today's economy.  

We have a second showing this week.

What can I do to make the property more appealing for their second walk through?

What do you usually look for the second time you see a home?


*fingers crossed*

Re: Second Showings... selling and need advice

  • I paid attention to paint, grass, plants, backyard size, checked the ceilings for any leaks or Sheetrock damage: things I didn't look at closely the first time. I would suggest touching up any paint, making sure no door hinges are loose, no doorknobs are shaky, having grass nearly trimmed, carpets/floor very clean, things that make house look like it's well kept. Most buyers want to purchase a house that is already move-in ready, not one that has to be repaired here or there before moving in.  

  • Thanks... looks like I'm all set then. 

    The only thing I could come up with was organizing the closet and cupboards a little more in case they have storage concerns.

  • I definitely agree with the PP, in our second look we were paying much closer attention to details and the areas that were of importance to us.  We wanted a nice large, fenced yard so we took some time looking at the condition of the fence and the grading of the property.  Storage was also a concern (as most houses around here don't have much), so I looked closely at all the closest and the garage,  I wanted to see there was space to fit everything without it being packed to the brim.  We also looked at the systems of the house in more detail, when were they last serviced, how often were they service.  So as the PP said just make sure all the small things are dealt with, though i'd almost avoid recent paint touch-ups especially to the ceiling.  Even if it wasn't because of a water damage, if I can see signs of touch-ups, i'm going to be a bit concerned.
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  • Add fresh cut flowers or a live plant in the kitchen. Really clean off front porch. Check mailbox area and street area for trash pieces that have fallen down. Leave all the lights on for the showing. Make the home smell fresh but not overwhelmed with a scent.

    You may consider making a little sheet in the main living area that bullet points your home's special features to get the buyers to zero in on them.

    And, I agree with PPs, do some extra sorting, organizing and clearing out of the drawers and closets. Open them up as much as possible.

  • Not sure if I'm too late in answering your question, but I absolutely suggest de-cluttering the house!  I can't stand lots of clutter, and it makes the house feel cramped.
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