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What a horrible thing for a dog owner to go through.:(

My brother lost his little tsih tsu a couple of weeks ago. Of course he's still devestated (thugh now he's mentioning getting another doggus -- probably around Thanksgiving there'll be a new doggus around here),

I can't figure out why one vet would send his client and a very sick dog 25 miles down the road to another vet, particularly when the vet isn't a specialist and the vet's office isn't an emergency facility.

My brother got shoved all over the country -- and getting to the other vet's office wasn't easy -- there are several long stretches on the highway on the way to the vet where the highway is underr heavy construction and it is slow going to navigate that road during non rush hours. He was sent down the road during rush hour; I'll bet it was a good 50 minute ride by the time he got there. Horrific when a sick animal is involved.

I personally wonder if she didn't get ahold of some kind of pesticide -- lots of people are treating lawns and maybe she picked something up over there. Or maybe she had some type of cancer and it just snowballed; that happened to a boss of mine.

Very sad how a lot of these pet store dogs seem to go bad and implode at 6 and 7 years of age.  Don't buy, adopt. (he did not buy the dog; it had a prior owner and that story alone still makes me sick; the former owner threw that dog away. She never got the concept of "forever home." you DON"T have a dog until it's time to move...ffs, then a dog is NOT the pet FOR YOU, then)

My dog is 10 years of age. I already have a Plan B for him: if he isn't in a lot of pain and is not bleeding copiously or highly incontinent, I plan on taking him home and waiting and see.:(  I'm also looking at petfinder periodically, to make the transition a little easier for me when the time comes.

Hug your doggus, you kitties, you finny friends and other non-human loved ones this eveing -- give them all an extra hug tonight. One never knows.:(

Re: What a horrible thing for a dog owner to go through.:(

  • That is so sad!  I'll be giving my dogs extra hugs.

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  • Sad yes and horrific. This boils my blood every time I think about what happened.

    This was a grand total of 4 vets that he went to: my vet, an emergency pet hospital (they didn't advise keeping her overnight; it was an option given to the client) his regular vet and this other vet, way down the road.

    The last vet came up with too many out there things: glaucoma??? My vet saw the dog less than a week prior and her eyes were fine. What happened was that an eye infection got out of hand and became a monster of an overwhelming infection -- her eyes were had a grey film and goopy and they were still red unerneath that film. The dog wouldn't allow him near her to put in drops. In the midst of all the confusion I guess he never thought of getting a muzzle for her (I haven't got one for my 70 pound dog and I think it's a good idea to have one on hand in your home as a just in case)

    My dog gets peevish and a little irritated if you give him drops, eye ointment or ear drops; he fusses yeah, and how but no, I've never seen him try to bite. I am guessing that little dog of bro's was in a teriffic amount of pain. Sad for the dog.:(

    Even so, I have never heard of a dog die from glaucoma per se. 

    I am wondering too if an ant trap she ingested in June had a lot to do with this (long story how she got ahold of it) There was a liver enzyme test that was way past panic values; exposure to and ingestion of chemicals can give you lots of liver problems.
  • I am sorry your brother had to go through this I really am.  But I am also trying to figure out what you are trying to get by posting this here twice. 

     I understand you can have a bad experience with a vet, but 4 vets being terrible horrible people would shock me.  If 4 different opinions could not come to some conclusion there was something that made it quite difficult to get a proper diagnosis.   It happening to your puppy doesn't make it ok but sometimes it is just really difficult to find out what is truly wrong.

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  • Oh my goodness! That's sooo incredibly sad! I'm very sorry for your brother's loss!

     My puppy get's a ton of hugs and kisses every day and night. We just can't resist her!

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  • Very sorry to hear.  The vet killed my dog a month ago on the operating table.

    I feel his pain, hugs to him 

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